10 Reasons to Outsource your Next Virtual Corporate Event

By redback

Corporate communications and marketing teams need to run their corporate events programs as effectively in a post-COVID world as they did prior to the pandemic.

Face-to-face events carry inherent risks, but if you’re not experienced in virtual events, these entail a whole range of other considerations, from technology and connectivity to online engagement, that also need to be navigated.

Who has the time or the resources to do all that? Outsourcing your next virtual event to a managed virtual event provider solves a host of problems for corporate communications teams. Here’s how we do it:


1. Risk of Cancellation Eliminated

Virtual events provide certainty that your event will go ahead, regardless of local public health guidelines or broad pandemic control measures. That means your event budget and your corporate communications goals are protected.

Many of our customers switch their offline events to online in the face of sudden lockdowns, and we can certainly help you manage this process in short time frames if required — but all events benefit from longer-term planning so it pays to incorporate online into your event strategy from the outset.


2. Maximum Return on Time and Effort

It’s common for communications teams to spend three to four weeks organising virtual events, with between two and four people working on them, data from the 2020 State of Webinar Marketing report shows. Many teams can’t accommodate the additional workload with existing resources.

Outsourcing the management of your virtual events will save you time and solve your resourcing challenges. All you need to do is organise the content — your managed events provider will do the rest.


3. Privacy and Security Guaranteed

Sensitive corporate information requires a robust approach to privacy and security. Ensure your virtual events technology platform offers end-to-end data encryption, password-protected customer data, and participant registration and authentication, so you are always in control of who attends your virtual events and the information they can access.

Using an Australian managed events provider, rather than a global video conferencing platform, will ensure all your data remains on shore in secure co-location facilities. Redback’s infrastructure is housed in Amazon Web Services for security, scalability and automated redundancy; and key components are housed in secure carrier grade telecommunications facilities.


4. Virtual Event Expertise Assured

If you’ve never run a virtual events program before, there are some key differences from face-to-face events including specific scheduling, moderation and audience engagement techniques.

Nine in 10 virtual event attendees have left an event early, and an unengaging event is the most commonly cited reason, according to the 2021 Redback Report. There’s never been more competition for audiences online, so ensure you get full benefit from all the effort you put into your events program by making it as engaging and professional as possible.


5. Cost and Accessibility Improved

Virtual events are much more cost-effective than face-to-face events, particularly given their increased accessibility often results in higher attendances. It’s not uncommon for virtual events to attract 400% to 500% more attendees than comparable face-to-face events.

When venue hire, travel and accommodation costs and catering are taken into account, virtual events are much cheaper to run, and the option of hosting event content online after the live event, making it accessible to a broader audience, also boosts long-term return on your event investment.


6. Technical Issues Sorted

When corporations manage their own virtual events, a range of technological issues may arise, including network congestion, poor broadband connectivity and even platform or network instability.

Locally managed virtual event providers such as Redback are designed to manage every type of technical issue. Our all-in-one proprietary platform is hosted on a reliable fibre network across multiple carriers, and multiple modes – including landline, wifi, 4G and 5G, while our hyper scalable network availability means we can automatically accommodate viewers across multiple servers should any issues arise.

Our service includes full local support, including presenter troubleshooting, and our teleconferencing solutions mean presenters will always have a backup option


7. Attendees Supported

Managing virtual event marketing and registrations can be incredibly time-consuming, particularly when there are a lot of late registrations.

Managed service providers will seamlessly manage the entire process, including ensuring latecomers are able to access your event, troubleshooting attendee connectivity and technical issues.


8. Engaging Delivery Assured

Presenting a virtual event is not like addressing a physical audience, and while your corporate executives may be well able to hold a room, it’s important to ensure they are fully trained in virtual presentation and platform operation.

Managed virtual event providers such as Redback offer training in online presenting as well as platform operation, including factoring in interactive elements such as live online polls, quizzes and surveys.


9. Brilliant Branding

When you need your event to be a perfect reflection of your brand, virtual events offer a range of options, from the ability to film in broadcast-quality studios with professional cameras, sound and lighting, to green-screen backgrounds and word-perfect delivery via autocue.

And we can always edit the final product to your precise requirements.


10. Stakeholders Engaged

For maximum engagement when it comes to internal staff and stakeholders, investors, partners, franchisees and customers, virtual events can incorporate all the glitz and glamour of TV-style productions including pre-shot video and a range of camera shots and staging options as well as crosses to remote presenters.


And unlike face-to-face events, audience engagement can be tracked and measured via virtual event platform engagement metrics as well as poll and post-event survey participation and results.

For more tips on creating successful virtual events, take a look at our Corporate Comms Playbook.

Redback Connect helps our customers manage more than 200 virtual events nationally each month. Reach out to see how we can help take the risk out of your next corporate event.