3 Marketing Tips to Increase Your Webinar Registrations

By Sara Drury

Struggling to increase registrations for your webinars? You are not alone. We put so much time and effort into creating our events, but when it comes to collecting registrations it sometimes seems like there are more tumbleweeds than actual people. So what can we do?

Here are our top 3 tips for fine tuning your marketing strategy to help you increase your registrations and enhance your entire online program!

Survey your audience for the right topic

We are not mind readers and simply guessing what topics people want doesn’t cut it. Instead of going in blind, try surveying your attendees and asking for their feedback. This will not only help you choose an appropriate topic, but will show your audience that you are actively engaged with their interests.

Market effectively

It is surprising how often organisations don’t utilise their marketing channels effectively. Ensure you have an online event calendar on your website and keep it up-to-date with your online events.

You should also promote your events in online publications and via your own and your presenters’ social media channels. Ensure that you are repeating key messages as often as possible and always link back to your event registration page.

Have a good email campaign

Emails are one of the best ways to promote your events. You should start your dedicated email marketing campaign around 10 days before the event with an invitation email. Your email should include 2-3 sentences about the event and 3-4 bullet points outlining the main talking points.

Around 1-2 days before the event, you can also send a last chance to register email, while on the day of the event, you should send a reminder to attend. It is really important that all of your emails contain a link to the registration page and event, as well as a point of contact for any questions.

See the table below for a full marketing timeline:

E-Marketing Timeline

To read more about how marketing tactics can increase attendance and be used for CPD check out our Case Study with Monika Cole from the Australian Veterinary Association.


For more information on creating your webinars, get your copy of our DIY Webinar Organiser Handbook.


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