3 Tips for taking your meetings and events online – quickly!

By redback

Here we go again… the past 48 hours seem strangely familiar – toilet paper shortages, holiday cancellations and the dreaded thought – ‘what’s going to happen to all my meetings and events I have planned?’

But one thing is different – this time, we all are familiar with online events – as organisers, presenters and attendees.

If you need to rapidly shift your meetings and events online – here are some tips to help you along the process.


1. Choose your platform and format

By now, we probably all have our chosen platform for chosen formats. Ensure you have access to the platform and if you’re using a managed service, get in touch with your provider to schedule your event in.

Here’s a few tips for mixing up your format:

Virtual Meetings: Use webcams to encourage interaction and open the chat function so everyone can collaborate online.

Virtual Events: For large scale events, ensure your speaker/s and facilitator/moderators have access to the webcams – everyone else can simply listen and participate via a chat function. If your speakers are using PPT slides, ensure they are created in the correct format for your chosen platform.


2. Get in touch with your speakers

Reach out to your speakers and ensure they are still available to present. If they are, arrange a meeting with everyone online so you can discuss the logistics of how everything will work.

If they are unavailable, consider working with a managed webinar provider to pre record their content which can then be streamed into the platform.

Once you’ve done this, arrange a time with all speakers and your event manager to test their internet connections, audio and visual feeds.

You can also use this call to discuss content, who will speak at what intervals and how you will incorporate audience interaction such as polls and Q&A.

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3. Communicate with your attendees

As soon as you’ve made the decision to take your event online, let your audience know.

Send an email to advise them of the changes, include a link to join the online event, a testing site and if you can, an add to calendar link with joining details. A page like this will work a treat, and will ensure you cover off all the details.

You can also take it one step further by creating a short video explaining the changes that you can include in your email and across social channels.

These 3 tips can be executed quickly and will ensure you’re in control of the entire process – best of luck!

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