The 3,3,3 Rule for Recorded Webinar Content

By redback

The flexibility of using online platforms means that creating content is easier than it has ever been before. But with time of the essence, we need to be realistic and understand that not everyone has the capacity to join your events live.

We recommend always recording your content, but how can you maximise it once your event is over?

The 3,3,3 rule is tried and tested and based on our research and data. It’s as simple to execute as it is to remember and will help you maximise your return on investment.


What is it?

This rule is about working with your recorded content in days, weeks and months. Once you have your content recorded, it’s about developing a simple cadence to ensure it lives for longer


3 Days

Once everyone signs off, you have 3 days to maximise on demand viewership – especially for those who didn’t attend your live event. This is prime time!

Here’s how you make it work:

  • Ensure your recording is sent via email to all who registered within 24 hours
  • Make it easy for people to watch it – a simple click and email address entry should be sufficient. It’s important to keep your recording gated at this stage so you can track viewers and attendees
  • Include any supporting documentation within this email – including presentation slides and downloadable documents


This email will most likely attract an extremely high open rate, so be sure to include any other important call to actions


3 Weeks

Over the following 3 weeks, your viewership will drop off considerably, which means you will need to change your tactics to increase traffic.

Here’s some things you can try:

  • Create a short 30 second video outlining the top 3 takeaways from your webinar and use it on social media. You can use platforms such as Canva or Animoto to achieve this
  • Create blogs which delve into the key messages from your webinar and use them to link back to your recording
  • Promote your recorded webinar on other webinars you are hosting – cross marketing is great because you are talking to an active webinar audience!
  • Break up your 45 minute webinar into 15 minute videos and promote those to your audience and on your website – 15 minute chunks can be easier to digest for certain audiences
  • Add some of your polling data in your social media posts which will encourage people to view your recording. For example – 80% of our audience said their knowledge increased by watching this webinar – watch and see if you agree!


3 Months

By now, you have probably exhausted most channels, and your topic may also start to lose relevance. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t keep gaining traction.

This stage is about getting all that you can, and additional viewers is the cherry on top.

We recommend uploading your webinar to open/free sites such as Vimeo and YouTube and embedding them on your website. These sites will also help with Search Engine Optimisation and can easily be found online.

An extra tip – add an opening/closing slide or pop up which has your website and company logo. Also make use of the comment sections on these sites to add what the webinar is about, this will help it to become much more searchable.

We discussed the above plus so much more on our recent Webinars and Wine Episode, Tips for On Demand Content – you can check it out here.