5 Content Ideas for your next webinar

By redback

When it comes to creating content for the online world, it can sometimes be a struggle. What will work, which topics will resonate and how will it adapt to the virtual environment.

The great news is, you probably already have content ready to go! And if you don’t, here’s some ideas that will get you started.


1. Research Reports

Anything with numbers, stats and facts work a treat! If you’ve recently conducted any research, then present the key findings online. And if you haven’t, simply conduct a survey and use the results for your next webinar.

These types of events work best when more than one person presents. This way, they can discuss and even debate some of the findings to make it more interesting for the online audience.

Tip: Try And refrain from presenting all findings. Highlight some main points, and advise attendees to download the full report at the conclusion of your webinar

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2. Whitepapers and eBooks

Take a look on your website or online content portal, you probably have a wealth of these available!

We all like to digest information in different ways. Which means presenting your content online can appeal to an entirely different audience.

Break down your content into chunks, use it to map out your summary, and before you know it, you will have at least four key ideas and themes.

Tip: Send a link to your written content in your reminder email so people can download it before they join. Then, they can refer to different chapters throughout your webinar


3. Customer Success Stories

This type of content generally lends itself to more bottom of the funnel webinars. Meaning you’re most likely speaking to prospects or potential customers who may be looking to join your membership base or purchase your product.

Your raving fans will likely jump at the opportunity to build their brand and share their successes via your online events. It’s a win-win and helps you cement your existing relationships.

Tip: Try and run these types of events in a professional studio and use fireside chat format. Interviews usually work best and help to create an engaging discussion for online viewers.


4. Blogs and Articles

Similar to whitepapers, your blog articles probably receive a lot of traction and relate to your audience. But how can you make them resonate with a new audience?

Run some website analytics on which blogs perform best, and transform them into powerful webinars which provide tips, tricks and useful information.

Tip: Choose 3-4 similar blogs and compile them into one webinar. This should give you enough content to work with

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5. Recent Award Winners

Held an awards event recently? This is the perfect way to maximise your event!

Speak to your award winners and get them to join you on a separate webinar which delves into why they won, how they applied and what they are looking to achieve next.

This is a great way to enhance the relationship between winners, provide exciting content, and generate interest for your next awards session – because you can use the recording to encourage others to apply!

Tip: Consider using a professional facilitator or moderator to host this type of event


For more inspiring ideas on creating content, download our whitepaper, Creating Compelling Content