6 Ways to Build Engagement in Your Live Streams

By redback

It’s what we all want to achieve when it comes to virtual event – the E word: Engagement

For most, the success of any online event depends on the engagement experienced by virtual attendees.

  • How did they find the overall experience?
  • Did they pay attention the entire time or did they feel somewhat disconnected?


While each and every audience is different, it’s important to understand which interactive features are available and how they can be incorporated into your Live Stream.


As a starting point, here are the tools available to you which are common in most platforms:


PowerPoint Presentations: Slides can be shown beside a camera feed for information sessions or can be placed around the feed for a ‘picture in picture’ effect.

Q&A Chat Box: Questions are submitted via the chat box and the facilitator/presenter can then read them via a tablet and respond.

Polling: Ask for, receive and share feedback in a live environment. Polling allows those online to play a part in the overall experience.

Live Video: Video clips can be played in-between presentations to increase the feeling of ‘really being there’. These also provide great options for Sponsors to showcase their products and support.


The power of crystal clear audio!


It’s evident that these online tools are critical when it comes to maximising the experience for your online audience. However, when organising a Live Stream we must be careful not to get too carried away with all the options available to us and lose sight of other important elements.

Each event is different and each audience is very different – so what do people actually want?

When it comes to online events, respondents in our most recent Redback Report rated crystal clear audio quality as the most important element – above video, and above the ability to ask questions and interact.












What’s interesting about this is that we don’t usually consider ‘audio’ as an interactive feature of a webcast player. However, when we think about it, it is perhaps the most important feature there is. What else can keep your online audience more engaged than the speaker themselves?

This further reinforces the importance of selecting the right provider and considering the what ifs. A back up teleconference line offered to your attendees will ensure that crystal clear audio is delivered every time and will remove the burden and stress from you.


6 ways to further build engagement, and enhance the online experience!


While the above is critical – here are some other ways you can build engagement and set you event apart from the rest:


Format: Decide on how and when you will utilise the interactive tools before your event. Informing your online audience of what is expected of them before the event will put them at ease.

Pre-submit Questions: Utilise your reminder emails and ask your audience to submit questions before the event. This will increase engagement and possibly even increase live attendance rates.

Additional Resources: People love walking away with something! Provide your online audience with a PDF version of the slides and any supporting documentation that they can download during the event.

Surveys: Gain as much valuable feedback as possible through interactive survey and polling tools. This will allow you to develop your future online events based on your audience’s preferences.

Smooth Technical Chat: Many providers offer a separate technical chat feature which will allow your audience to gain immediate support. Activating this feature will leave more room in the Q&A area for questions relevant to your event.

Social Media Integration: Consider integrating a Twitter feed within the platform to increase engagement before, during and after your event.


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