7 Ways to Manage Active Investors on the Redback Platform

By redback

Recent guidance from the corporate watchdog giving organisations the green light to hold a virtual or hybrid Annual General Meeting is clear — the key consideration is that members and shareholders have a reasonable opportunity to participate in the meeting.

For organisations that have an active investor or membership base, this is a particularly hot topic. While restrictions on large gatherings remain in place to help contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, face-to-face AGMs are not a possibility.

So how do executive teams facilitate participation via hybrid or virtual AGMs while retaining control of the agenda? The best way is via an online webinar platform such as Redback.

Redback’s customisable Investor Relations platform offers a streamlined but feature-rich experience for AGM convenors and attendees alike. It enables organisations to choose the features members can see and use, and it provides investors with a voice.

For organisations and companies, Redback provides a clean, fully brandable online platform on which your executive presenters may appear via video or audio feed, with supporting resources.

Many organisations may wish to manage commentary, questions and direct or proxy voting in advance of the actual AGM itself.

For those who wish to ensure their online AGM is an interactive experience, Redback offers seven ways to help you manage your active membership base and facilitate participation.

1. Security

Redback offers a secure online platform that enables your attendees to pre-register. Each attendee receives their own personal login instructions, enabling you to manage access to the event. During the event, your facilitator or Chair will be able to see who is in the meeting and has the ability to remove attendees. You can also receive reports on viewership and engagement after your call has concluded.


Organisations can choose to activate a Feedback button available in Redback’s webinar console for shareholders and investors who wish to comment live during your call to access. This allows them to send a comment to the Chair or facilitator.

3. Questions

Members and investors who wish to ask questions of the executive team or auditor can make use of public or private chat facilities to post questions — whichever your executive team prefers. During the event, your facilitator or Chair has the ability to sort and assign questions during the online interface.

Organisations may elect to do this in addition to a pre-event online Q&A. Some organisations may choose to take questions on notice, to be answered online or at a face-to-face shareholder or member event at a later date.

4. Voting

Redback’s webinar platform offers online polls, which enables organisations to facilitate live, secure voting on one or more resolutions or other issues throughout the course of an AGM, in addition to pre-event direct or proxy voting.

5. Local Technical Support

The last thing an active investor wants is to be unable to attend a meeting due to technical difficulties. Redback not only offers audio conferencing as an option for AGMs, but our local technical support ensures we can switch your online video AGM from online to audio if technical issues arise. We also offer full technical support for attendees who may be having trouble accessing the meeting.

6. On Demand

All Redback webinars are recorded to enable organisations to host an on-demand version of the AGM for any members or investors who are unable to attend the AGM, or live in a time zone where it’s not convenient to view it live.

7. Transcripts

Redback offers a full transcription service within 24 hours of your virtual or online AGM, enabling companies secretaries to compile and circulate the minutes in a timely fashion. Even if they aren’t officially approved until the next AGM, Redback’s transcription service takes the stress out of making them available within a couple of days of the AGM itself.

Redback’s feature-rich, interactive and customisable webinar platform makes a great online venue for your next virtual or hybrid AGM. And we provide the security, reliability and technical support that takes the risk out of running your next AGM online.

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