Meet The Family

Business Development Manager

Brent Cowan


He’s 30 but routinely gets asked for ID when buying drinks. He can cook 1 minute noodles in 58 seconds. He’s already planned his next 10 years of holidays to travel and take photos!

Senior Customer Success Manager

Chona Gomez


She’s a dance teacher (she doesn’t leave early on Mondays for no reason!) and appreciates expressive art. She loves Japanese and Lebanese cuisine and would love to open up her own Filipino restaurant one day.

Head of Sales

Chris McKeown


He grew up in Auckland, New Zealand. He loves playing all sports and even played Gaelic football for Auckland. He has a passion for new technology and loves testing/playing with new gadgets.

Head of Customer Success and Support

Daniel Kim


A quiet man known simply by his initials, he can often be spotted pretending to be an extrovert on radio, emceeing a party or having fun at karaoke. Seems to love the mic a little too much but sometimes he just wants to give it all up and become a handsome billionaire.

Finance and Administration Manager

Farzana Nisha


She is a proud mother of two beautiful children. She makes the best butter chicken. She lives in a house with 10 others! And the answer is yes, she loves coming to work!

Senior Technical Project Manager

Gavin Swift


Been in the tech industry for the past 12 years, has travelled to 55 countries and looking is forward to seeing many more!

Customer Success Manager

Gianno Punla


Having a name like Gianno Paolo confuses people into thinking he’s Italian… He is actually Filipino… shh! In 2016 he had open heart surgery and now has a titanium valve…SIA’s song Titanium is actually about him 😛

Business Development Manager

Tom Carpenter


Tom is an avid sports fan – He supports the Canberra Raiders and Houston Rockets. Has a passion for sales and building successful business relationships. Tom is also a muay thai boxer.

Digital Event Producer

Jason Hooker


He loves all things involving filmmaking and creativity! His hobbies include writing, directing, and playing guitar, and the most important things in his life are his family, friends, and faith.

Customer Success Manager

Jeff Porter-Dening


He’s travelled the world and swears New York is the greatest city. He loves Liverpool FC and will talk about it at any given opportunity – it’s a problem! He’ so accident prone that his family thinks that he should live in a giant plastic bubble.

Customer Success Manager

Jenna Crotty


Her passion is her four legged friends, which most her life revolves around. She is highly engaged All Blacks supporter and enjoys a fine wine!

Head of Marketing

Fiona McEachran


She has a ‘thing’ for freshly brewed coffee, and can often be discovered at an airport jumping on a plane to sate her wanderlust. She also has her own infrequently updated podcast.

Customer Support

Jordan Moll


He is a tech and multimedia creative with a flair for insightful photography.  He is half Italian, and will be happy to talk about his obsession with coffee. He is the Redback studio mixing desk go-to model, so you will see him a lot on our Instagram.

Digital Events Delivery

Ruby Sandler


She has massive skills in photography and videography, and when the music starts playing, Ruby knows how to “get down”!

Technical Support

Luke Eagles


He has lost his last 4 girlfriends to the same video game – what’s with that? He starts his day with a fresh box of banana based fruit salad! He lost both his molars in a freak skateboarding accident – then he became a total nerd.

Sales Development Representative

Mamun Rahman


He used to play soccer and cricket back in Bangladesh. He has spent 15 years working in the telco and IT industry. He is also a proud father of his daughter.

Business Development Manager

Alicia Hawkins


She is a ray of sunshine. If she was a dog her tail would wag a lot. She loves to go to camping festivals and make her friends mojitos. She gets pleasure out of helping others in need.  She is also a Certified Wedding Celebrant.

Head of Digital Event Delivery

Michael Harris


He loves to bake strawberry muffins with chocolate chips – so cute! He learnt to ride his bike with no training wheels when he was 3 years old! He and Luke Eagles from the Support Team have been best friends for over 10 years.

Senior Business Development Manager

Miranda Walker


She absolutely loves anchovies! She is a fanatic when it comes to horror movies. She recently started rock climbing and is actually becoming quite good at it!

Senior Digital Event Producer

Renan Don Laroza


He is a huge car enthusiast – from JDM, euro to muscle. He was attacked by a dog when he was five but says that he will always love dogs… aww! He loves quoting the Simpsons, Friends or Harry Potter.

Audio and Webcast Delivery

Steven Saratis


He is so passionate about audio media creation and delivery that he has his own studio at home as well!

System Administrator

Todd Barnsley


He’s kind of a big deal. He has many leather-bound books and his apartment smells of rich mahogany. His collection of vintage skateboards is eclipsed only by his collection of vinyl records. Don’t act like you’re not impressed…

Head of Development

Topo Kristyono


He has a Masters degree in Artificial Intelligence – and we are also convinced that he has ‘robot super powers’. He spends a lot of time (and money) on the latest and greatest virtual reality gadgets. He is the proud father of three beautiful kids.

Customer Success Manager

Yeonwoo Jeon


She’s Korean but has spent 10 years of childhood in Botswana, Africa. She enjoys trying new exciting food and wishes to travel one day to try food from every country in the world.

Operations and Delivery Manager

Carla Giurleo


She wants you to know that watching all of the Harry Potter films in one weekend is a highly regarded talent in the industry. And what industry do you ask? She is not sure, but she is glad you asked.

Marketing Coordinator

Jerusha Shah


Her name gets mispronounced A LOT! (The ‘h’ is often dropped) Jumps at any chance to buy pop culture merchandise (Superheros are her kryptonite). Loves her ‘F’ words – Faith, Family, Friends.

Recording Engineer

Grant Baker


He is often seen on the streets of Sydney hauling huge, black suitcases from gig to gig, and on weekends will be winding down with his family.

Customer Support

Rachel Burgess


If her face looks familiar, it’s because you might have seen Rachel modeling or in the background of a Home and Away episode!

Delivery Technician

Troy Urquhart



He is cool…

Business Development Manager

Chitra Ly



He’s a film graduate who went corporate and trying to wiggle his way back.
Also a supporter of the Boston Celtics and aspires to travel the world on a motorcycle.
Did we mention he WAS a pro ping pong player?


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The number of nationalities across Redback


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