When’s the best day and time to host your webinars? 

By redback

If there’s one question we get asked regularly, it’s “when should I host my webinars?”

While there’s not one magic answer, there’s definitely pros and cons of certain days and times.

Now that virtual events have become part of our regular work-life habits, our preferred event time slots are changing.

People expect flexibility from online event offerings, so it’s essential to consider on-demand viewing options. That said, our respondents nominated some preferred days and ideal times to participate in online events live.

For the past 10 years we have been asking this question as part of our Redback Report – and it constantly changes. Here’s what this year’s respondents had to say about their preferred days and times.


Which day of the week do we prefer?


Tuesday and Wednesday are our two preferred days to attend virtual events, with Wednesday just edging out Tuesday, selected by one in three respondents (34%).

“Personally I prefer this as early in the week allows me to manage issues and workload,” says one respondent. “I am open to new ideas and thoughts, and can plan the rest of the week knowing there is time to manage this.”

While many event organisers avoid Fridays, it remains our third most popular day to attend virtual events and may offer the advantage of a relatively uncluttered schedule. Weekends and, perhaps unexpectedly, Thursdays are our least favourite digital event days, according to respondents to the study.