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What COVID has taught us about Virtual Events

Now, more than ever, virtual events are a critical element of any events program. In this webinar the team at Redback Connect will share lessons learnt and mistakes made

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Live Q&A - All you need to know about Studio Webinars

Join us for a live Q&A where we answer all your questions about Studio Events. If you’ve ever wondered about it, we’re here to answer it!

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Webinars and wine feature pic - Ep1

Webinars & Wine Episode 1

10 Steps to the Perfect Webinar

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Webinars and wine feature pic - Ep 2

Webinars & Wine Episode 2

Delivering Webinars in a Remote World

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Webinars and wine feature pic - Ep 3

Webinars & Wine Episode 3

Creating your Webinar Event Series

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Webinars and wine feature pic - Ep 4

Webinars & Wine Episode 4

Creating Compelling Content for your Webinars

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Webinars & Wine Episode 5

Virtual AGMs

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Webinars And Wine Episode 6

Tips To Be The Perfect MC

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Webinars & Wine Episode 7

Tips For On Demand Content

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Webinars & Wine Episode 8

Speakers And Presenters

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Webinars And Wine Episode 9

The 2021 Redback Report

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Conference Contingency Plans

Does your physical conference have to cancel? We uncover how to take it online without missing a beat!

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Influencing on LinkedIn

What does it to take to master the world of LinkedIn? Edward Zia shares his hot tips.

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Virtual CPD Programs

How can you setup online CPD programs and engage your members online?

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Utilising Customer Feedback

It’s important for your business, but what can you do with it? We’ll discuss how to maximise it.

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The Redback Report 2020

We delve into the results and
insights of our annual report. A must watch for webinar organisers

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The Anatomy of a Webinar

There’s 15 essential elements to a webinar – we’ll go through them and discuss how you can make them work for you.

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Webinar Marketing Report

We delve into the results of the second State of Webinar Marketing Report with Tim from on24.

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