Australian Red Cross Blood Service Success Story


Alissa Jones – PA to National Laboratory Manager

Why Teleconferencing?

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service is a division of the Australian Red Cross with around 3,500 employees and 1,000 non-donor volunteers across Australia. Being part of a global and dispersed organisation, we need to conduct global teleconferences, particularly with India and Hong Kong on a regular basis.

While the Red Cross prefers using teleconferencing due to it being an affordable and reliable way to communicate across distance, I was tasked with investigating new providers. We were having trouble dialling into these countries and at times, the quality was extremely poor. We knew we had to find another solution to make these meetings work.

Why did you choose Redback?

I came across Redback after a quick Google search. I was really adamant that I wanted to work with an Australian company and it was great to find someone who based all of their operations locally. More than anything else, I wanted someone who could provide us with quality teleconferences and a great customer experience. After speaking to Redback I was sure they were the right provider.

What has been the main advantage of switching to Redback?

Definitely the Account Management Portal. It allows me to check my monthly invoices, keep track of all calls and allocate costs. There is no need for a middle person to manage our accounts which means that there is no sending emails or waiting – it’s completely self-service which makes my job a lot easier.

Are you happy with the way it’s all going?

Absolutely! We have been with Redback for just under two years now and it’s all going really well. In fact, there are now two departments within the Red Cross that are using the service and there is a plan to investigate using other Redback Services.