Digital Events

AuSAE Success Story

Managed Webinars for a stronger events program

Kerrie Green, Events & Communications Manager

Why do you use webinars?

Events are an integral part of what we do at AuSAE. While our focus has always been on physical events and training, webinars have allowed us to strengthen our existing programs and offer more value to our members. Webinars have also allowed us to reach a wider audience, especially those living in remote areas and who aren’t able to attend our physical events.

How have webinars impacted your programs?

Before Redback we didn’t have a webinar program or run any online training – our events were run in a face-to-face capacity. Webinars have really mixed things up and allowed us to do so much more with our content. They have made such a huge difference in making our programs more interactive and as a result our audience is more engaged.

What has been the greatest advantage of using webinars?

The biggest advantage is definitely the ability to provide content to our members in remote areas and those who we usually wouldn’t be able to reach. This makes relaying important information really easy as people can just login and access updates and relevant content when and where it suits them!

What are some of the benefits of using webinars?

Where do I begin! We now have a really strong online events program and can offer so much more value to members who can’t always attend in a physical capacity. We also have a much more diverse program as we are able to discuss a whole range of topics with really great presenters in short one-hour sessions.

We even mixed it up a bit and created a three part series called ‘The CEOs Toolbox’. The series ran over a few months and we got CEOs from different industries to discuss topics related to their field. The response was so great and people were waiting eagerly from session to session! There are so many options with webinars and you can get really creative with what you do.

Do you charge for your webinars or are they free?

No, we offer all of our content for free to both members and non-members. However, due to the success of our events we are now thinking about charging non-members starting next year, but we will keep them as a free additional benefit for our members.

How do you source your presenters?

When sourcing our presenters we aim to listen to what our members are talking about. We then look for relevant presenters and content which speak to those topics. Most of our presenters come from our membership base, community and word-of-mouth recommendations. We also partner with other organisations for our webinars and often they will source the presenters themselves.

What has the response been to the programs?

Really good! After each event I make sure I go through all the reports and feedback to see how it all went, it’s important that we’re delivering value. Our audience really enjoy our webinars so we’ll definitely continue to run them.

Looking back, is there any advice you would give to others looking to run their own webinars?

Our events can be a little sporadic at times so I definitely recommend making your content consistent. It’s so important to plan ahead and I now have a six month calendar with all of the topics I want to cover. I also highly recommend listening to what your audience has to say – what they want more of and what challenges they are facing. This will make it easier to create interesting content that they will care about and that’s crucial to the success of your events.