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Australian Wool Innovation Success Story

Webcasts for Hosting Online AGMs

Richard Smith – Manager of Publications and PR

Why did you decide to present a Live Event Webcast?

Australian Wool Innovation Limited is a notfor-profit enterprise owned by more than 24,000 wool growers that invest in research, development and marketing along the worldwide supply chain for Australian wool.

With members based all around Australia, we recently started to host our AGMs online via webcasting technology. While this worked well, we realised that we needed a platform that could accommodate the dynamic nature of our presentation. We use keynote presentations which include a heavy amount of animations and videos. We needed to be able to make last minute changes – it’s the nature of our industry. After some discussions with Redback, we decided that live webcasts were the way to go.

How did it go?

Really well! We had the ability to present the keynote presentation to those at the live AGM in our office, and an online version to those viewing across Australia. We switched between the slide presentation and vision feed using a vision switcher. For the online audience, this was a seamless experience; and for those in the room, they were able to view the keynote presentation on a large screen.

And the technology?

It was so simple. Our CEO turned up with his USB and Redback took care of the rest. We hosted a live Q&A which was managed by Redback through an operator assisted teleconference. As the event was from our office, Redback set-up an audio back-up from their lines just in case anything went wrong. The operator assisted Q&A also meant that people could call in and ask questions without disturbing the flow of the event. They were simply put in a queue and their line was un-muted when it was their turn to speak. Because everything was taken care of, I was able to focus on answering questions and engaging the online audience for the Q&A. It really was that easy.

Did you also provide it on-demand?

Yes, we provided the on-demand recording for 12 months after the event. This is a great feature as it allows people to access the recording at any time, from any location, making it really easy and accessible.

What has been the biggest benefit of using Live Event Webcasts?

I absolutely love that there are no restrictions, our audience is engaged and the fact that the solution is so cost-effective. Our farmers don’t get a chance to come to Sydney every year so it’s great that I can now provide them with a seamless solution that has a 12-month life span through on-demand hosting and can be accessed from any location. It has taken so much of the stress out of planning and hosting our AGMs and everyone is happy with the result.

Any final words on working with Redback?

Redback has been outstanding every step of the way. I experienced a great deal of ease and professionalism and I really look forward to working with them in the future!