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Organisations large and small, all around the world are wrestling with the decision to either move ahead with their event, live stream parts of it or cancel it entirely. There are no easy answers and either direction contains risks and consequences as well as rewards.

Redback delivers over 200 Managed Digital Events every month and we have the experience and team needed to ensure that whatever decision you make, your results are maximised.

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Travel restrictions apply?

  • Broadcast your presenters into your conference from anywhere in the world.
  • Host a Hybrid Event so your delegates can attend your event online.
  • Create on-demand video content to stream during the live conference.

Conference at risk of cancelling?

  • Deliver all content remotely via our interactive webinar platforms
  • Deliver content from our broadcast studios based in Sydney and Melbourne
  • Broadcast content online from your your own offices

Need to find budget?

Why not reach out to your existing sponsors?

Sponsoring online events allows sponsor dollars to live for longer!
Download our comprehensive guide for tips on how to reach out to your sponsors and ensure you can gain budget for your hybrid event.

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Tips for successful online events

Next step tips

You’ve made the decision to offer your conference virtually, so what do you need to do next?

Access our top tips and options for offering your delegates the best experience possible.

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Busting the myths

Worried about offering online access to your events? This whitepaper busts the myths and outlines the benefits.

Uncover tips for on-demand hosting, promotion and charging.

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What's your Plan B?

How can you ensure business goes ahead with minimal disruption?

We walk you through tips for engaging employees, collaborating across distance and educating online.

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