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Contingency for Live CPD Training

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Providing CPD training in Australia and New Zealand has been growing more challenging day by day.  Even before the most recent crisis, CPD providers were experiencing increased competition, increased catering, reception facility and AV costs, increased labour costs and decreased retail rates for the services you are providing.

Add to that mix the Coronavirus crisis and we have a vital industry that must face complex decisions.  For those CPD providers that are delivering content that does not require a hands-on physical demonstration, moving their programs away from a live face to face delivery to an online platform can have many advantages.

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The benefits of taking your course online include:

  • Ability to attract Presenters and participants that will not or cannot travel
  • Significantly lower operating costs
  • Ability to on sell access to the recordings
  • Access to participants that are not local to you
  • Speed to market for time sensitive material

Don't have the resources?

The benefits of Redback managing your entire online program include:

  • You provide the content and the Presenter, Redback does everything else
  • Highest quality production values enable you to achieve the highest possible retail rates
  • Redback trains your Presenters on how to Present online
  • Redback provides live support to your Participants
  • Redback experience – we deliver more than 200 online events every month

Ensuring you're setup for success

What's your Plan B?

How can you ensure business goes ahead with minimal disruption?

We walk you through tips for engaging employees, collaborating across distance and educating online.

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On-demand Webinar

How can we adapt our content to the online environment? What are your options for online CPD?

Watch this 30 minute webinar for tips and advice on the platform, promotion and more.

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Tips for Presenters

Ensuring your presenters are comfortable presenting online is critical.

Download this handy guide to ensure your presenters are setup for success.

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