Redback Connect Coronavirus (COVID-19) Protection Policy

The health and safety of our guests and employees is our number one priority

As we move into uncertain times, it’s important for our guests and presenters to understand that as a business, we are dedicated to your health and safety.

In light of the coronavirus outbreak, we have implemented the following procedures to ensure you are protected when visiting Redback Connect’s offices in Sydney and Melbourne.

  • All employees are equipped to work from home and any employee feeling unwell is advised to remain at home
  • All studio equipment is disinfectanted before and after use
  • Common areas in the office are regularly disinfected
  • Personal hand sanitisers are located at all employee desks
  • Personal hygiene instructions are posted in all Redback bathroom facilities as reminders
  • We have retained a large contingent of independent contractors that are home based who are used to deliver jobs should any of our delivery personnel become unwell
  • All offsite and in-person meetings are kept to a minimum
  • Overseas travel restrictions are in place.  Redback employees will not travel overseas in an official work capacity.  Those employees that choose to travel overseas for personal purposes are to work from home for two weeks upon their return
  • Interstate travel is kept to a minimum
  • All government Corona Virus resources and information sites have been circulated to employees

All Redback employees are also provided with our most recent Work in Safety document which you can find here.

Updated March 2020

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