Make Internal Communications as Engaging as Your Marketing

Corporate Communications

Ensure Human Resources gets as much love as external relations with state-of-the-art virtual staff meetings


Bring All Your Employees ‘Into The Room’

Communicate effectively with distributed and remote workers without bandwidth issues, and ensure all your staff have the same level of information and access to the executive team, regardless of location. Increase staff engagement, align your employees and improve motivation.

Poor Internal Alignment?

Get everyone on the same page with regular team meetings where you can hear everyone and they can hear you. Easily share information and collaborate with feature-rich conferencing, built on the Polycom platform for maximum quality.

Dispersed Workforce?

Reach your staff on the road or in the office with One Touch conferencing that calls you. No more complex PINs to remember. Connect with your team without the stress and without the drop – outs – wherever you are.

Low Staff Engagement?

Instantly connect on any video-enabled device with your dispersed workforce. Celebrate your wins, build shared experiences, and collaborate to overcome your challenges. Communicate effectively across distance and ensure you’re building a high – performing team.


Connection is key

The McKinsey Global Institute found that productivity improves by 20-25% in organisations with connected employees. That kind of increase in productivity has potential for revenues amounting to $1.3 trillion per year.


Impress your presenters...

"It's often very expensive to get around this big country of ours. So, working with Redback to do webinars that are interactive where people can listen in and have their say is a great tool." - Leanne Wells, Consumer Health Forum of Australia

Worried about Network Congestion?

Large scale company updates can severely disrupt your internal network. Our Enterprise Peer-to-Peer Streaming technology means every end-user has a seamless experience.

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Looking for that professional edge?

Communicate across distance with our professional broadcast studios based in Sydney and Melbourne. Your brand, your leaders – front and centre!

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Let us manage your event from concept to completion so you can focus on creating compelling content, engaging your staff and increasing collaboration.

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Communicating across distance has never been easier!

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