Top 3 Ideas for Creating A Catchy Webinar Title

By Sara Drury

In short, the 3 steps could be summarised as follows:

  1. Ask a question: try to answer a concrete question from your audience with your title.
  2. Use numbers and lists: numbers and lists make it easier to remember your title and you have more chance to get a click
  3. Take a different approach: if you achieve to spike the curiosity of your audience, you will have more chance to win them


Everyday you delete, pass over or ignore a lot of what’s in your inbox. You’re constantly bombarded with ‘buy this’ and ‘register now’’ — but the truth is, if you don’t see any value in the message immediately, it’s not going to get your attention, let alone a response like a webinar registration.

A common problem when it comes to producing webinars is that people spend a lot of time on the logistics of their webinar – setting up the platform, choosing the speakers, finding a nice banner image — but not nearly long enough determining their actual catchy webinar title.

Here are 3 suggestions for creating a great webinar title, so you can increase the chance of driving registrations for your next webinar, rather than turning your potential audience away.

1. Ask A Question

Your target audience has burning questions that they are seeking the answer to. Creating the title of your webinar as a question, automatically sets the expectation with the viewer that they will be receiving answers.

What are the biggest problems your target market is looking to solve?

Using questions, allows you to address those major pain points, or highlight any issues that may not have previously crossed their mind.

Compare the difference in the title of the topics below.

Topic A: Creating effective employee training programs

Topic B: How effective are your employee training programs?

Think about what your customer is actually doing when they jump on their computer and head to Google. They’re searching for something and trying to solve a problem.

Conducting a little keyword research online should also give you some ideas of the best question or questions to ask.

2. Use Numbers And Lists

People love “lists” as they tend to spark curiosity through their simplicity, and using “numbers” in the title has been proven in many split-tests to increase click-throughs.

It is helpful to be up-front and let your audience know exactly how many takeaways they will have after watching your webinar.

Lists also provide a great structure for your webinar, and keep the information flowing. Keep in mind that if using numbers though, it is best to stick with a single digit, rather than double-digits, as this keeps the content more digestible.

Using a list or numbers makes it easier to present your content in a concise way, and lets you frame a topic in a number of different ways.

Compare the differences in the topic titles below:

Topic A: Creating employee training programs that work

Topic B: 7 ways to increase employee engagement

Topic C: 5 employee engagement strategies that work

Topic D: 4 reasons employee engagement matters

3. Take A Different Approach

 While it’s important to take a positive approach in terms of the questions you pose and the solutions you provide, when it comes to choosing a webinar topic don’t be afraid to flip the equation on its head and take an alternative approach.

Looking at the negative impacts of something is a good way to grab the attention of your audience.

For example, you could address the negatives of not doing something, as opposed to the positive outcomes if you did:

Topic A: 5 reasons disengaged employees are bad for business

Topic B: 4 signs your employees are disengaged

Topic C: How NOT to create employee training programs

So next time you’re looking to determine the title of your next webinar, try out some of the tips above and see if it increases audience registration and engagement.

Remember to test your webinar topics and subject lines, as every audience is different!


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