Are you ready to ditch the webinar Powerpoint Slides?

By redback

We’ve all been there – you receive your speaker slides prior to your event, you open the deck and you cringe – how are you going to make these work?

Small fonts, blurry images and way too much copy – it’s the last thing you should have to worry about before your live webinar.

But what if there was another option? What if you could ditch the slides and have all relevant talking points appear on a green screen as your speakers present?

You can see how this works by watching this on-demand recording – and here’s what you need to know.


Enhance your studio webinars

Firstly, this feature can only be used in Redback’s Broadcast Studios. Once the points or images are provided, our technicians make them appear – which means less stress on your speakers.


Use graphics, stats and key points

This feature works best for key points and imagery. As you will see in the example, report graphs appear on the green screen, and the rest is discussed between speakers. Large blocks of content simply won’t appear as attractive – so this style of event is for those engaging webinars which feature experienced presenters.


Remain in control

How will presenters know what is coming up? Easy – we make sure we have a screen in front of them with all material visible. They still have access to a clicker to ensure each point pops up at the right time.


It’s all part of it

This feature is available now in all Redback Studios – at no additional charge! And the best part? Our studios are completely COVID Safe and available for your immediate use.

Get in touch for more information on how you can take your digital events to the next level or view studio pricing here.


While you’re at it, feel free to download our Studio Best Practice Guide for more tips!