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Emergency Response Teams

Because sometimes, you need to get the message out fast

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Connect in times of crisis

In an environment that is changing daily, many organisations have created Emergency Response Teams that can be pulled together at a moment’s notice to strategise and respond to rapidly evolving situations.

Redback Connect’s automated Dial Out service instantly connects your Response teams 7/24. By clicking a single button, you can automatically dial out and connect all members of your team instantly.

At the same time that their phone rings, they also receive an email and a SMS with a link they can click to connect by phone and by computer to see any online content you need to share.

Instant access

Teleconferencing & Web Conferencing service that instantly calls out to a call list of any size that you have created – here’s how it works

  • Teleconferencing & web conferencing service that instantly calls out to a call list of any size that you have created
  • You can click a single button and instantly everyone on your list receives a phone call, email and SMS, automatically bringing them into the teleconference as well as a web conference if you are sharing online content
  • The service is available 7/24 and requires no prior reservation
  • Calls can be recorded, and you receive a full participant list detailing who was on and for how long

The Redback Difference

Increase productivity without being tied down.

Pay per use

No subscriptions, simply pay as you use the service

Unlimited users

No maximum attendees, and no cut-off times

No setup fees

It’s the Redback Way – you can come or go as you please

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