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With uncertainty around public transportation and the work environment, many organisations are planning for the possibility that their staff will need to work from home.

In addition to ensuring that home-based personnel have access to all the systems and software that they need to work productively, many employers must also consider what technology to use to keep their people connected, productive and in communication.

Redback’s Remote Worker Solution

• All employees can teleconference, web conference or video conference 7/24
• Redback is providing this service free of charge to new customers for your 1st month
• Pay per use
– No cost if they do not use the service
– Unlimited number of end users
– No set up cost
• Allows for maximum productivity while minimising the risk to workforce
• Live end user support 7/24
• Full detailed reporting by employee, department and cost centre

Which solution is best for Home-based Workers?

Tele & Web Conferencing

Redback’s integrated Teleconferencing and Web Conferencing service allows every remote employee instant access to join and host meetings 7/24.

There is live support 7/24 and pay per use means that there is no cost if a service is not used – no monthly recurring fees.

  • All employees have access to Teleconferencing and Web Conferencing service
  • Pay per use means there is no cost if they don’t need to use the service
  • Faster and more reliable that using a Video Conferencing service
  • More people already have all the equipment needed to host or join a teleconference
  • Significantly less disruptions from background noise etc
  • No privacy issues coming from a home setting
  • Full reporting on usage
  • Ability to instantly share any file or content online
  • Fully supported 7/24 to all participants from the service provider
  • Ability to also do video conferencing if and when appropriate

Video Conferencing

Video first type of services are great for home-based remote workers as long as they have a suitable working environment.

If you move to a Video Conferencing home-based worker environment, the following concerns should be considered.

  • Does the home environment work for Video?
    • Is there a dedicated workspace
    • Can you minimise the background noise and distractions?
    • Will the internet support Video Conferencing?
    • Does the employee have the right equipment?
  • Once you’ve said yes to the questions above, you are ready to roll out Video for your home-based workers
  • Redback’s Video solution allows every employee access to high definition Video Conferencing on a pay per use basis
  • Unlimited end users with no monthly license fees
  • Redback provides live end user support 7/24
How can you make remote working work?

Manage the transition

It’s important that we’re prepared for change, which looks like it will inevitably include having to work remotely.

If you need to make the adjustment and work remotely, here’s a few tips from our own Sara Drury to hopefully make the transition a bit easier.

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