How to execute an awesome virtual product launch

By redback

Tech giants have been doing it for years, and now, with face-to-face launches carrying the risk of postponement due to the pandemic, virtual product launches have hit the mainstream.

Featuring keynote presentations, online product demonstrations and glitzy sets, virtual product launches run the gamut from massive global brand events to local launches broadcast online to an exclusive audience.

But where do you even begin? We’ve outlined some tips below – as well as what you should watch out for.


Issues to watch

  • For physical products and services, consider how you’ll get the product or convey the experience to your intended launch audience
  • Exclusive content is the key to any launch, so choose a secure, well-supported virtual event technology platform to ensure only your chosen audience can attend
  • Great launches have a sense of anticipation and an element of showbiz about them, so consider how this might translate to the online environment
  • If there’s one virtual event that needs a moderator or facilitator, it’s a product launch. Many companies choose to hire a celebrity or someone internal who knows how to keep an audience engaged


How to solve them

  • Physical deliveries or pre-recorded video packages conveying the product experience can be incorporated into your virtual product launch
  • Ensure your managed virtual events provider offers secure registration and has a robust privacy policy as well as a secure technology platform
  • Incorporate pre-launch videos, teasers, commercials and other elements in your pre-event digital marketing program to build anticipation
  • Consider pre-recording the launch event in a broadcast studio and streaming it as-live to eliminate the risk of gaffes or technical glitches on the day
  • Live video streams rank highly on social networks and create a sense of occasion so consider if it’s worth extending your launch to a broad audience


Example Product launch: Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2020

Samsung launched a 30-second teaser ad online for Galaxy Unpacked 2020, the virtual event at which the company launched its 2020 product lineup, live from Korea, with a big-stage setting, a wall of video screen viewers featuring as the opening backdrop, and a clutch of live speakers and sophisticated video packages.

You can watch the recorded product launch here