Should you host your next webinar from a studio?

By redback

While the benefits of Studio Webinars are obvious to us, how do you know if they’re right for you?

If any of the statements below sound familiar, then it may be time to modernise your webinars.


“I want more than just a zoom meeting”

Don’t we all! While Zoom is a great collaboration tool, some webinars need to stand out and really make an impression.

When small talking heads and unreliable internet connections won’t cut it, consider using a webinar broadcast studio to cover all bases. Plus, have access to your own event manager who will focus on the technical elements, meaning the burden is completely removed from you!


“My speakers are very high profile and I want them to shine”

We get this! The passion and enthusiasm of your presenters plays a major role in how your webinars are delivered and experienced. You want them to be comfortable, experience minimal disruptions, and focus on their content.

Hosting your webinars from a professional studio is the ultimate way to impress your presenters. Allow them to arrive early, book a green room so they can rehearse their content and then watch them go.

Redback’s Presenter Experience Team will set your presenters up, train them on how to use online interactive features and remain on site the entire time.

And the best bit? Your presenters don’t need to worry about anything technical! We look after it all!


“I’m thinking of hosting a panel of discussion of experts”

Then a webinar studio is perfect for this. The last thing you want to be worried about is training 3-5 presenters before your event and then on the day, crossing your fingers to make sure everyone’s internet is stable.

Broadcast Studios not only remove the burden of technology, they are also made for panel discussions. Our robotic cameras can cater to a range of shots and will ensure your speakers aren’t cut off camera as they are mid-way through a sentence.

Plus, we also have internal moderators who can host and facilitate your event.


“My speakers have poor internet, I don’t trust their connections”

We come across this a lot. When organising and producing a webinar, you want to try and control as much as possible. If your speakers have poor internet connections, don’t risk your entire event.

We have studios based all around Australia and we can even connect remote presenters in for panel discussions. Ask us about our redundancy plans and back-up options.


Our studios are COVID Safe and are available for your immediate use – check out our Studio Best Practice Guide for more tips!