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Investor Relations

Deliver the information the market needs with the professionalism the CFO expects


Eliminate the risk from your quarterly earnings calls

Your Investor Relations team’s ability to build relationships with investors and the media is its most valuable skill, research has shown. And to do that, you need conferencing technology that is not only easy-to-use and reliable – but balances your ability to manage proceedings with stakeholders’ need for access, information and dialogue.

Competing Stakeholder Groups?

Whether you’re engaging your investor community, answering analysts’ questions or responding to media queries, you determine the access you provide to all your stakeholders. Know exactly who you’re addressing and whose question you’re answering, and tailor your message accordingly.

Need to Reassure Investors?

If there’s one call your CEO expects to be glitch-free it’s your earnings call. Don’t take chances with outmoded technology. Close the gap between perception and value with our state-of-the-art Investor Relations conferencing and grow the confidence of your investor community.

Sensitive Topics on the Agenda?

Keep the market fully informed while controlling the message so you can get on with the business of increasing shareholder value. Our dedicated Investor Relations conferencing dashboard puts you in the driver’s seat so you’re always in control.

Technology's role in IR

IROs should focus on any technology’s investors are using to understand how they work and how they may affect investment decisions. In addition, it is important that IROs continue to review technology and how it can improve processes surrounding IR practice. The Future of Investor Relations, AIRA

Accuracy is everything...

"The team at Redback have been extremely responsive to everything we have asked for. From the time we passed our material over, it was sent back to use to make sure it was correct - I can't say enough about the team, the facilities and the location of the studios." Sue Murray, Zero Suicide Institute of Australasia

Immediate Access to reports

Access immediate call details, recordings, transcripts and attendance once your event is over – allowing you to report back to your investors immediately

View and monitor in live time

Our live and interactive dashboard provides a consolidated view of your calls and allows you to manage your Q&A queue via a personalised interface

One call, One rate - no hidden charges

IR Calls can be difficult to budget. Our service a flat rate – meaning no more Unused Line Fees or unexpected costs once your event is over

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