The Investor Relations Video Series

Investor Relations is critical to providing shareholder engagement to companies Australia wide – it’s essential to build lasting and meaningful relationships with your investors.

From strategic marketing and communication to investor targeting and presentations, there a lot to consider when strengthening your corporate identity.

This series contains seven short videos which provide tips making more informed decisions about your investor relations.

Reporting season

Reporting Season

2020 was a year filled with extreme and extraordinary events – The February 2020 reporting season saw guidance and outlook statements withdrawn by companies in response to the COVID19 pandemic.

In this video we address what should your company be considering now to ensure you have a successful delivery of your corporate message this reporting season?

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Investor briefings and roadshows

Investor Briefings and Roadshows

To increase exposure, management teams frequently conduct roadshows and webinars where they introduce the company firsthand to investors, provide general updates on the business, or wrap up the year in review.

In this video we discuss how virtual presentations are part of the “new normal” and how to best embrace the technology and present yourself as professionally as possible.

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Information to be included in investor Presentations

Information to include in Investor Presentations

When companies present at their investor roadshows, having an impressive pitch deck is a key component. Therefore, businesses need to be aware of the importance of engaging investor presentations. You want investors to ask for more after they hear your pitch and not just show you to the door.

In this video we outline informative key points that should be included in investor presentations.

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The importance of Beneficial ownership analysis

The Importance of Beneficial Ownership Analysis

From an investor relations perspective, it’s important to understand who your target market is so when you are communicating with the market, you understand exactly what type of investors you are speaking to. Companies must manage their shareholders and keep track of who is buying and selling their shares.

In this video we highlight the clarity around the positive impact of companies reaching out more frequently with better targeted messaging. As the outcome may result in retention of stakeholder investment and a stronger relationship overall.

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Shareholder activism

Shareholder Activism

Australia leads the world for the number of companies targeted by activists.

Companies should prepare and anticipate hostility. Legal, proxy and public relations advisers should be prepared for a defensive position. This includes establishing a response team and communication strategy, role playing potential scenarios, undertaking a value assessment of your company, being ready to quickly respond to any assertions made by activists, and engaging with shareholders after an attack.

In this video we explore how Australian companies, and their advisers should anticipate and be responsive to the changing role and methods of shareholder activism.

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Research reports

Research Reports

We often hear analysts talking about whether to buy, hold or sell stocks in companies. For investors, brokers and research houses produce research reports on companies. traditionally, a research report is a document prepared by an analyst who is a part of the investment research team in a stock broking firm or investment bank. The past decade has seen some dramatic changes in this area with the rise of a lot of independent research.

In this video we re-emphasise the notion that a lot that goes into the report to attract new investors or get existing investors to buy more.

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Annual Reports

Annual Reports

Annual reports are critical as they provide shareholders, and prospective investors, a lot of information about the company. Not only do they outline the company’s performance over the last fiscal year, but the report also serves as a marketing tool where the Chairman and CEO can delve into the company’s history and trajectory.

In this video we highlight the importance of a well-designed annual report, to help investors and shareholders understand your company easily to build their trust and confidence in your business.

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