How to Become an Influencer on LinkedIn

By Jerusha Shah

Overview of the LinkedIn Influencer webinar


This webinar is part of our Business Skills series in which we deliver business-oriented webinars. We aim to create informing, educating and inspiring webinars to improve your business skills. This webinar is presented by Daniel, an expert in webinar marketing, and Edward Zia, marketing mentor & master coach.



The goal of this webinar is to discuss with Edward Zia about his experience using LinkedIn as an influencer platform and sales magnet. If you don’t have the time to read through all the content, access the subtopics here:



What are Edward Zia’s tips in using LinkedIn?


Number one is have a great Linkedin profile. Number two is share great content and number three is connect with people on a one on one personal basis. He speaks to hundred people per LinkedIn message everyday and tries to keep the one-on-one conversation flowing. For Ed, LinkedIn is the place to be when you are communicating to a B2B audience. The approach that Edward Zia started with on LinkedIn was very local and focused on the Sydney Area. This changed when taking off on LinkedIn since the audience on the platform is global. The transition between local customers and global customers happened fast because of how LinkedIn is used. No matter what audience you want to target, you need to be entertaining on LinkedIn. Even though it’s a professional social media platform, you need to be entertaining and compelling. Becoming a LinkedIn influencer involves everybody and is a team effort. The most important is the audience. The more passion you put in to the audience, the better off you are going to be.


Why is LinkedIn a good B2B channel?


LinkedIn is a powerful medium to know in less than 30 minutes if your content is hitting or missing the target. In analysing your posts, you can see what causes a post to go viral or not and improve the posts that did not work to make them better. Understanding what your audience loves or not is very important to perform better on LinkedIn. Just hoping that a content works is not a strategy and will not work.


What is the sales approach for Edward?


In a sales process, you can rely on meet, like, know and trust. In becoming an influencer, people will give you their trust easier. What you put out, you generally receive back. If you publish positive and helpful content, you will have that back. The more positive you are, the better the return and the more money you can make. Persuasion the sales and marketing process is not only driven by facts and stats. It works more with emotions. It’s not only sufficient to be active online on LinkedIn but get out there and be part of physical events because everything is linked.


We hope that this webinar will help you for your LinkedIn account. If you have any questions regarding this content or about webinars in general, don’t hesitate to contact the Redback Connect team –
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