Make the switch to Hybrid Physical Events in 2022

By Jerusha Shah

Recent years have proven to be unnerving for planning physical events. We all collectively had to put in place contingencies and take all events online and working conditions remote. As we have embraced virtual events and adapted to the online way of life, 2022 can be the year to merge old practices with the new.

As restrictions ease and in-person events can be held again, don’t be tempted to go back to hosting solely in-person events. Rather use the best of both physical and digital events to guarantee success.

With today’s technology, it is easy to live stream a physical event from a studio and provide key sessions on-demand for the audience to enjoy at a later point in time. Adding virtual elements to your physical event can have benefits for your audience and also your brand’s future event program.

We have given you the main reasons why you should consider using hybrid physical events in your marketing strategy in 2022:

A virtual component is a great way to promote and expand attendance at your event overall. The trick is to be strategic about how you make the physical event a success while ensuring it is available online. You might consider thinking about why attendees would attend both live and online sessions and tailoring your content carefully to suit both channels.

If your events have a signup cost, your virtual and live audience can be charged strategically to portray one format as more enticing over the other. Incentives can be added to draw people towards live attendance. For example, your keynote sessions to promote your event can be live-streamed, however other sessions such as interactive workshops are reserved for in-person attendees. Either way, revenue can be earned by charging people to attend your online sessions as well as in-person events.

Events can be simulcasted live on social channels to reach a broad audience and ranked more highly on social feeds. On-demand content can be offered online, which enables both live and virtual delegates to attend more sessions, maximising the value they get from your event. Your physical events are no longer just a moment-in-time proposition.

When you incorporate a virtual component and make it available on-demand, your content can live on, attracting views and sharing your message online well past the day of the face-to-face event.

Online event streams and on-demand content provide new opportunities for sponsors to get in front of your audience.

From online branding for sponsored sessions to lead-generating calls to action, additional resources, competitions, and so on — there are lots of ways to create sponsorships that benefit both attendees and your commercial partners.

These will usually reflect your offline sponsorships, but unique online content may also open up online-only sponsor opportunities

There’s no doubt virtual elements can generate some great benefits for your brand’s broader event program.

Turn your activations into a hybrid event program and you’ll reap the benefits of extending your amazing content across all the channels your audiences use.

Redback Connect manages virtual and hybrid events for customers across Australia. Contact one of our consultants if we can help you run your next hybrid or digital event.