Making Virtual Roadshows work for you

By redback

Information roadshows are essential for liaising with communities, suppliers, franchisees and others on complex projects but holding local in-person events remains risky due to the pandemic.

Virtual roadshows are a great way to make senior executives available at set times, and to convey detailed information via video and slide packages. They also enable organisers to respond to the specific questions of those audiences.

But how can you make them work for you? Here’s some tips to ensure you get off to a flying start.


Issues to watch

  • Q&A is particularly important to achieve stakeholder and community buy-in at roadshow events – read some tips on managing virtual Q&A Sessions here
  • Accessibility is critical to ensuring everyone who wants to attend is able to do so
  • Network congestion can be an issue if a large internal audience is on the corporate broadband network all at once


How to solve them

  • Questions can be called for in advance during the online registration process, as well as during the event, to ensure the content adequately reflects stakeholder needs
  • Hosting an on-demand video of the event online will ensure it can be accessed afterwards by anyone who couldn’t attend the live event
  • Live Q&A can be published as an FAQ or in a transcript to ensure the full experience is reproduced on demand
  • How do your attendees join your event? Ensure you are across all that is required for your audience to join, and make sure you communicate this in your email reminders
  • Ask your managed virtual event provider about peer-to-peer streaming and integrated teleconferencing services to minimise network congestion and maximise accessibility


Example: NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission Roadshows


The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission WA replaced its usual face-to-face roadshows with a series of studio webinars briefing service providers in Western Australia about new arrangements that would apply from July 1 last year.

The events enabled NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commissioner Graeme Head to introduce and provide an overview of the NDIS Commission’s role and function, outline the new quality and safeguarding arrangements, and to discuss how these would affect individual providers.

The series included a number of roadshow events that featured 2 in-studio presenters, and a Q&A session in which presenters answered questions submitted over the webinar platform.