How to modernise your webinars with professional studios

By redback

We think it’s time webinars had a makeover. We want to say goodbye to small webcams, poor lighting and ‘I think you’re still on mute.’

Here’s how you can start modernising your Digital Events by using professional broadcast studios:


A polished and professional experience

Studio based digital events provide a polished and professional experience for both presenters and online attendees. Think animated green screens, lively panel discussions and high-definition audio and visual.

The look and feel is second to none, and all studio events are delivered by professional technicians who manage the entire live delivery.

All Redback Studios are COVID-Safe and are available for your immediate use check them out here.


Mix it up with Simu-live and On-demand

If you’re looking to create professional studio webinars, it’s hard to know when your speakers are going to be accessible – thanks to travel restrictions and on and off lockdowns.

Pre-recording your digital events in a studio gives you flexibility and freedom to record, edit and stream whenever suits you.

Pre-recording your webinars is also a great way to maximise your budget – simply book out a block and record as many events as time allows.


Create engaging panel discussions and fiery fireside chats

Some topics just need to be discussed, rather than presented.

Lounge-style facilitated webinars, thought leadership panels or lively debates should definitely be taken to the studio.

You can choose your own layout and style, and even get creative with animated green screens and ditch the PowerPoint Presentation – you can view an example of this here.

There’s a Redback Studio to suit any online event – so get in touch for more information or see them in action here.


While you’re at it, feel free to download our Studio Best Practice Guide for more tips!