Collaborate Effectively in a Connected World

Work Remotely

With workforces needing to collaborate better wherever they’re based, reliable remote meeting and collaboration technology is mission-critical.

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Remote collaboration made easy

The world has changed: 62% of Australians expect a growing number of meetings to be held remotely in 2021. Redback provides the collaboration tools to make remote work a success.


Redback’s secure One Touch Teleconferencing connects your workforce without the need to enter a phone number or a passcode, enabling two-way communication wherever your participants are based with a facilitated Q&A and local support.

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Web Conferencing

Get everyone on the same page with desktop screen-sharing and a suite of in-platform collaboration tools including file-sharing and digital whiteboards. Web conferencing is hosted locally with no downloads or plug-ins required and live operator support.

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Video Conferencing

Connect face-to-face over Redback’s video conferencing technology and combine the immediacy and dynamism of video with the convenience of online conferencing. All your remote collaboration tools and full support at the click of a button.

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Why choose Redback?

Redback’s unique One Touch Collaboration remote conferencing technology is world-class:

> No Pin Codes

> Dials Out To You

> Pay-as-you-go

> 3 Services Bundled Together

The right tool for all your collaboration needs

Whether you’re communicating with a mobile workforce, briefing investors or collaborating with your team, Redback’s 3-in-1 One Touch Collaboration platform offers Tele, Web or Video Conferencing — all for the same low price.

Locally hosted, our secure, reliable remote conferencing platform means you can connect, communicate and work remotely at the touch of a button.

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