Continuing Professional Development: How to Grow Professionalism by Switching Online

By Jerusha Shah

Overview of the continuing professional development webinar


This webinar is part of our Business Skills series in which we deliver business-oriented webinars. We aim to create informing, educating and inspiring webinars to improve your business skills. This webinar is presented by Sara, an expert in webinar marketing, and Lloyd Grosse, a professional development specialist at Pointsbuild Pty Ltd.



The goal of this webinar is to discuss online compulsory professional development and how you can adapt your physical training to make it into an online format. In this video you will learn about practical tips and ideas on how to get your CPD online. If you don’t have the time to read through all the content, access the subtopics here:



The COVID outbreak has pushed most organisations to push towards online programs to adapt. A lot of organisations want to start creating online CPD without knowing exactly what to do. You need to look at your organisation and it’s capacities to get the content online but also at how you planned to do the physical training. You need to think about how you are doing your presentation and how you can use technology to help your CPD programs go online.

How to adapt my CPD online?


You need to create consistency with your physical event by also adapting the content you have to the online format. You need to think about what you can stream by considering your audience. You can pre record some content in order to save time and to offer content across different time zones. You can also make content accessible on demand for your CPD students to learn at their own pace. The best is to think like an attendee to organise your best online CPD.


The trend toward on-demand content is strong, and it can be used positively for CPD programs. Continuing Professional Development can be proposed to a great range of customers from different generations and every generation will want to consume content differently. When presenting live you can keep your speaker to record extra content to build a bridge to your on-demand content. You can also record promo videos with the speakers in order to promote your sessions before the event.


How can you create accreditation with your online CPD?


You need to plan how you will integrate accreditation before you start your event. You need to plan exactly what key learnings people need to acquire when doing your CPD. Certifications are also important in order for some trainees to be certified for what they learned.


Doing CPD online enables you to get more data from your attendees and adapt to your audience. If you see that the majority of your attendees are on mobile, you might want to adapt the format of your CPD. Transitioning to online CPD can make your program more engaging than the traditional format.


Do you need to charge or have a free online CPD?


You can ask yourself if your CPD will be a free or a paid event. You need to know that people are willing to pay for valuable content especially when it comes to CPD content. When deciding to have paid CPD, you need to make sure that presenters are engaging and that you can run webinars without glitches.


We hope that this webinar will help you for your next online CPD. If you have any questions regarding this content or about webinars in general, don’t hesitate to contact the Redback Connect team –
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