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Our Top 3 Tips on Making Money with Lead Generation

Our Top 3 Tips on Making Money with Lead Generation

Only 1 in 10 event organisers feel their lead generation tactics are effective*. What’s the missing link?

Webinars and webcasts for lead generation of course!

Think of it as selling without the need for ‘push’. This engagement medium is perfect to capture behavioural data before, during and after your event—data that can then be used to better market your offering towards customers when they are at their most receptive.

We believe in it so much we do it ourselves! Here’s how you can too:

Tip #1 – The Buyer’s Journey

Try to ‘woo’ your audience without needing to propose on the first date—always base what you do on the behaviour of your customer, rather than your sales end goal. Not everyone will be ready to buy your product or service the first time they discover it. Give the customer what they want, when they want it, not when you want to give it to them.

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Tip #2 – Create Thought-Provoking Content

Easy comprehension is the name of the game. A webinar is useless (or worse than useless) if it doesn’t provide value in an understandable, actionable way. Failing to understand how your customers understand your content is an easy way to put people off your webinar—and ultimately, your product or service.

It’s good practice to create inspirational visuals/infographics that will relay your message clearly and concisely, making your content easier to comprehend. Keep your customers in mind and ensure that your lead generation strategy is streamlined and has your end goal in mind – to sustain, nurture and convert!

Tip #3 – Know the Nurture

Nurturing is designed to influence the buying process of your leads and ultimately help them in deciding to sign up.

Sales and marketing automation platforms (such as Marketo and Hubspot) allow you to build engagement campaigns that categorise your contacts and market to them via an email program in a considered, systematic way.

These tools can help you communicate to your attendees before, during and after your event and identify when and how these contacts want to be contacted, and what they want to see when they are.

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*Source – Hubspot, 30 Greatest Lead Generation Tips