Pre-Recorded Webinars

Create, present and engage from without limitations

How can you create digestible content and save time?

Pre-recording your webinar content and hosting it online provides you with flexibility, accessibility and opportunity.

If your end goal is to engage your online audiences and focus on content, then pre-recording your webinar content should definitely be considered. Think about your ability to access presenters when they are available, create bite sized webinar content and drip feed it to your audience.

It’s about mixing up your webinar content and catering to all audiences

Create digestible content: These days, audiences are digesting content in a variety of ways, and not everyone has the time (or attention span) to sit through a 60-minute webinar. Pre-recording your webinar content allows you to break your content into digestible chunks based on your viewer preferences.


Increase access to presenters: People are busy. And chances are, your presenters will by in high demand and not necessarily available when you need them. Pre-recording your video content allows you to work with your presenters on a date that is suitable for all involved.


Extend your content library: Picture this – half a day in a studio, over 10 pieces of video content created, which can then be uploaded into your online library. Plus, your viewers can still submit questions through the platform and all interaction and attendance is tracked.

Experience the Redback Difference

As Australia’s largest provider of Digital Events, we’ve been there and done that. Our goal is to ensure your webinars stand out from the rest. So, what do we do differently?


Complete Event Management: We will save you time and reduce inefficiencies by managing your webinar programs from concept to completion. Everything from pre-production to presenter training and de-briefs.


Increased Video Production Quality: Gone are the days of the talking head – our local broadcast studios in Sydney and Melbourne allow you to host live and on-demand panel discussions in high definition.


Increase Engagement: Let us help you engage your audiences and keep them online. From on-demand webinar attendance to tips and tricks to increase interaction – we’re there from beginning to end.

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