Welcome to Redback Connect

By Sara Drury

Redback Conferencing becomes Redback Connect!

From our heritage as the little teleconferencing company that could, Redback has grown to become the largest provider of digital events in Australasia, holding close to 200 managed webinars and other digital events a month! Today, we do so much more than simply teleconferencing, and we feel our name needs to reflect that. From today onwards, we will be known as Redback Connect!

Here is a quick video explaining why we are changing our name.

For our Collaboration Customers (Tele/Web/Video Conferencing): We have just launched a revolutionary collaboration service that will absolutely change how you meet at a distance. Imagine conference calling that calls you automatically…

  • No more dial in phone numbers
  • No more pass codes
  • Desktop sharing at the click of a button and
  • High definition Polycom video conferencing for everyone.

All bundled together for the same price as your current Redback Teleconference – now we definitely are talking!

Here is a quick video explaining how our new One Touch service will make your life so much easier.

For our Digital Event customers (Managed Webinars, Studio Broadcasts and Live Streaming): Not to worry, we have incredible developments available for you too!  We have launched a new Webinar service that eliminates Flash and significantly improves the production levels of your events. Our studios are also being upgraded and we have created a new support role, the Customer Success Manager. Their goal is to help you to design and deliver the best webinar programs imaginable and ensure you exceed your Digital Event goals.

Here is a quick video explaining the new services and how we will make your Digital Events stand out from the crowd.

Check out the new Redback Connect online and learn more about our new brand here.  We have some exceptional new services that will dramatically improve how you connect across distance and I look forward to sharing more Redback news with you in coming weeks.

In the meantime, please get in touch if we can help you connect.

Jeff Downs,
CEO, Redback Connect