Redback Report 2020: Our Dedicated Webinar

By Jerusha Shah

Overview of the Redback Report 2020 webinar

This webinar is part of our Business Skills series in which we deliver business-oriented webinars. We aim to create informing, educating and inspiring webinars to improve your business skills. This webinar is presented by Sara and Michael, experts in webinar marketing at Redback Connect.


The goal of this webinar is to uncover the results and learnings from this year’s Redback Report. We also provide you some tips to make your events stand out. If you don’t have the time to read through all the content, access the subtopics here:



From the 8 years we have been running this study and report, 2020 was the most interesting of all years with everything that has happened and the shift we can see in the use of webinars and digital events in general.

What was our panel of respondents?


The first step in this study was to find a panel of respondents. We surveyed over 100 qualitative respondents mixed with data coming from more than 1500 digital events that we have been running for customers in the past 12 months. From this panel we have reliable data on the preferences of customers in the sector. 42% of our respondents are working in the third sector with 35% in the corporate sector. As we can see associations and other not-for-profit were able to adapt quickly to COVID because they already ran webinars.


How many and what type of events are people attending?


30% of the respondents are attending over 10 digital events per month which shows the dramatic shift in the use of digital events for all kinds of meetings. In 2019, only 2% had been attending over 10 events per month which shows the quick change. 51% even expect to attend more digital events in 2021.

From this study, we can see that people are attending a broad spectrum of different types of events. 26% of them are attending webinars, 18% are attending internal company meetings, 13% workshops and with 11% with have three types of events which are virtual conferences, briefings and customer meetings.


What is the preferred timing to attend a webinar?


Our study was also useful to get data about preferred days to attend digital events and also time of days. Tuesday and Wednesday are the most common days of the week. In terms of best times, mid-morning has increased in popularity. Afternoons are not that popular anymore. In terms of duration, the study shows that the preferred time is about 45 to 60 min. Events are getting longer.

Respondents show that the preferred formats are with moderator and a presenter, panel discussions and interactive audience Q&A. People want fresh content, inspiring presenters, and interaction in their events.

You can access the full report by clicking the following link: Access the Redback Report 2020

We hope that these stats will help you for your next webinar. If you have any questions regarding this content or about webinars in general, don’t hesitate to contact the Redback Connect team –
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