Cancer Council NSW Webinars: a Redback Connect Success

By redback

Cancer Council believes in a cancer free future. It is the only organisation that works across every area of every cancer: research, prevention, advocacy, information, and support. Cancer Council NSW is an independent charity and is over 94% community funded. Their unique combination of local program delivery, community engagement and national influence enables everyone who cares about reducing the impact of cancer to make the biggest possible difference.

Cancer Council use’s Redback’s services to provide education and support through regular webinars with key focus topics including – LGBTI, Work & Cancer and Survivorship.

Just before their first Facebook live stream venture, we had a chat with Katie Towers, Survivor Lead for Cancer Council NSW, about their long running relationship with Redback and their experience using our services for running studio webinars.

Katie, it’s a pleasure to have you in our Sydney Studios this evening. I want to start off by understanding why Cancer Council uses digital events?

Thank you. It’s always nice coming in. Our main motive for using digital events is to reach as many people as we can nationally.

What was your digital events situation like before Redback?

Before Redback, we didn’t really deliver our events online;we just ran face to face events on a Saturday which was always quite difficult for people to get to.

It’s been great to venture out into the digital world.

What is your favourite thing about digital events?

Our ability to reach people affected by cancer and other health professionals, not just nationally but internationally as well.

After having worked on several digital events, how has your experience been with Redback Connect?

In one word, it’s been interesting. We have been with Redback for many years now and it’s been great because we’ve been able to venture into areas that we have never been able to before.

We have also been the guinea pigs for some new initiatives which has always been good. We have learned a lot along the way.

One of the key highlights was the Chinese Mandarin webinar we ran. This was entirely new to us and for Redback, and we made it happen. We are also really looking forward to streaming some of our future webinars over Facebook.

What benefits have you gained from using digital events?

With minimal staff, we have been able to increase our reach and effectiveness using evidence-based information.

We have also been able to reach people like health professionals, carers or people who have been affected by cancer – it’s very rewarding


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