Remote Meetings and Events: Our Tips

By Jerusha Shah

Overview of the remote meetings and events webinar


This webinar is part of our Business Skills series in which we deliver business-oriented webinars. We aim to create informing, educating and inspiring webinars to improve your business skills. This webinar is presented by Sara, an expert in webinar marketing, and Michael from our team here at Redback Connect.



The goal of this webinar is to cover 4 key areas around remote meetings and events: remote working, virtual conferences, online experiences and virtual AGMs. If you don’t have the time to read through all the content, access the subtopics here:



Remote Working


It can take a long time to adapt and settle into working from home. The best way to settle is to have the right equipment to be able to work from home with a desk chair, a double screen, and a proper desk. You need techniques to be more productive because the home environment can be full of distractions.


Dressing for the job, even from home is a big part of being in the right mindset throughout the day. You also need to adapt your working space at home with what you are used to at work. Confining yourself in a small room when you are used to work in an open plan environment will probably not work. Try also to manage your time and block some space to enjoy lunch or meetings during the times at which you are less efficient.


To manage your team, you can rely on a lot of collaboration tools on the market like Microsoft Teams, Skype, WhatsApp and other providers. You need to stay consistent on the platform you are using for specific team meetings in order to save time and so that all team members know what to do. Video conferencing can be a great tool to organize team meetings.


These types of meetings can also help you connect with team members and avoid to be alone all day at home. Think about switching to mobile numbers in your email signature in order for people to contact you remotely.


Virtual Conferences


Before the different lockdown measures were in place, the first scenario was that the physical conferences were going ahead but you had to plan with travel restrictions which could impact your presenters and attendees. You would have the option to stream presenters into your conference or stream online for attendees to join remotely.


The second scenario is that your physical event is cancelled, and you might need to transition online. You can deliver content remotely thanks to a webinar provider or deliver from broadcast studios and stream online. Concerning the content, you need to adapt what you had planned for your physical event to the online format. When creating your virtual conference, you need to think like an attendee and adapt your content to their needs. Adapt your format to the different sessions you had planned for the physical event.


Online Experiences


You need to use your platform to your needs and create a good online experience. Some platforms are better than other but try to look at the main features you need for your webinar. On the market you have chat, Q&A, polls and survey features that make it easier to interact with your audience. When you are doing a webinar for the first time, try to keep it simple and not distract your audience too much. You need to educate your attendees to use a webinar platform.


Virtual AGM


The Australian Securities and Investments Commission, ASIC, have decided to change guidelines and have authorized corporations to conduct virtual Annual General Meetings for this season due to COVID. We give you tips to be able to transition your AGM online: hybrid and virtual AGMs are allowed, individual entities must check their own constitution. You need to use a provider that will be able to facilitate access and participation during the AGM. Voting is necessarily enabled and you need a provider to ensure that it runs during the AGM. You need to give a minimum of 2 days’ notice before holding the AGM.


We hope that these tips will help you for your next remote meetings and events. If you have any questions regarding this content or about webinars in general, don’t hesitate to contact the Redback Connect team – 1800 733 416


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