Teleconference Tips: Follow These 4 Commands

By Sara Drury

Teleconferencing: it’s more than just picking up the phone and talking. It’s about collaborating, sharing and engaging—and with the right tools, you can take your teleconference from a simple phone call to an interactive experience.

Here is a breakdown of my top 4 touch tone commands:

  1. Organiser dial out: press *1

You can bring in participants from your teleconference with a simple command. This is a great function for high profile calls or when your participants might be in a hotel room or dialling in from a mobile phone, as it removes additional costs. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Press *1 to activate.
  2. Press *1 again to confirm.
  3. Enter your Participant Pass Code.
  4. Enter your participant’s phone number.
  5. Press #2 to return to your teleconference with your participant, or,
  6. Press #3 to return to your teleconference without your Participant.

Note: for security reasons, this feature needs to be activated by Redback.

  1. Record: press *4

When I’m in a meeting, I prefer to engage in the conversation rather than juggling between taking notes and keeping track. This is where recording your teleconference comes in handy.

Your attendees will be notified as soon as the recording starts and you can stop the recording at any time. Your recording will then be automatically posted in your Account Management Portal by the next business day.

  1. Presentation mode: press *5

At some points in the conference, it’s better to have only the presenter’s line available. This means that you won’t be able to hear any background noise from other lines and participants won’t be able to interrupt important parts of the conference.

Once you press *5 again, the lines will be unmuted allowing everyone to join in. Alternatively, participants can also press *6 to mute their own lines so they may listen but not speak.

  1. Conference security: press *7

As much as I love sharing confidential business information with unauthorised users, sometimes it’s better if conversations stay between the intended parties only.

You can lock your teleconference to prevent any keen eavesdroppers from joining and unlock it at any time. This feature is also great for AGMs and other important updates.

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