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  • Conference calling that dials you
  • Blast Dial Out
  • Start meetings on time
  • Live Operator support
  • Intuitive and innovative
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No more entering in passcodes

Dial In phone numbers and participant passcodes are a thing of the past. We bring your Participants into the call automatically – meaning your calls start on time, everytime.

Outlook integration inserts your meeting details automatically

Click the meeting link and your phone rings and your online meeting site is launched – One Touch!

Moderators can wait until Participants arrive. We send you an alert when your participants join and connect you automatically

You Are In Control

We put you in the driver’s seat. You are in total control of the meeting. It is so easy to use, meetings start on time with no entry / exit distractions.

You and your participants see who is on and who is speaking

Show LinkedIn profiles and pictures to help the connection

You control everything on the call with a single click - recording, mute background noise, allow others to share their desktops, lock the meeting, disconnect participants, share files, etc.

Blast Dial Out

For when you need to communicate, instantly! Simply upload a spreadsheet and our system dials out to your attendees in an instant.

Share your desktop or allow participants to share theirs

No software or plugins needed for participants to view your meeting

Save your Blast Dial Out lists for future calls and record all calls

Teleconferencing Service

You like tradition! The old reliable dial in phone number and Participant Passcode style of Teleconferencing is also always available to you. We have an integrated Outlook meeting template just for that style too. Whether you like the convenience of the new way or the comfort of the old way, Redback Connect has you covered.

Our No Worries Guarantee!


99.99% availability of services
guaranteed uptime

Happiness Guarantee

Our No.1 priority is our customers’ happiness. If you have a problem, we’ll solve it. We do whatever it takes to ensure our customers are happy with our service.


No lock in contracts means you are
free to leave at any time


  • Teleconferencing and Video Conferencing bridging from $0.08/minute/participant
  • Inbound 1800 & dial out to local landlines an additional $0.04/minute/participant
  • Dial Out to local mobile numbers an additional $0.10/minute/participant
  • Web Conferencing service is free
  • Unlimited Moderators provisioned at no charge
  • Pay per use – no monthly license fee
  • All prices are $AUD, ex GST

Please note: First Month Free Trial valid on local numbers only

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We’re an Australian organisation dedicated to helping the way that you meet, present and collaborate at a distance. We help deploy the latest collaboration and digital events to thousands of Australian businesses all while delivering an unmatched level of support, ease of use and peace of mind.

We bring the leading edge of technology to our customers with an unmatched dedication to customer satisfaction.

What is a teleconference ?

A teleconference, or teleconferencing, is a type of conference that uses the telephone or internet network to connect people together for the purpose of a meeting. Traditionally, teleconferences were accessed via toll-free or direct dial-in conference call phone number which links all participants in one space. In the early days of the technology, the use of teleconference was specialised to bigger companies because you needed special teleconference equipment to adapt to the high bandwidth required for this type of meetings.

Teleconferences are made possible thanks to a conferencing bridge which is essentially a server that can handle multiple calls. The conferencing bridge is a software and makes all the difference between different operators, since an appropriate software can handle polling, voting, recording, live chat and many more.

With our current network, teleconference can be used by more people around the world from their homes or even from mobile with varied quality level. The evolution of the internet made it possible to organise teleconferencing using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). These technical requirements for organising teleconferences explains why experts, such as Redback Connect, are on the market to help you get the best quality for your remote meetings.

Why should I use teleconference services ?

That is an easy answer: make your team and your company more efficient across all activities. Teleconference makes it easier for teams that can be further apart to work efficiently together. This technology alone is responsible for our increased productivity in the last years. It combines technological efficiency with human needs in direct communication. In a meeting it is always better when you can see and hear the person you are talking to. Teleconference makes attendees respond as though they were in the same room together. Teleconference can be a good solution for your business events if you want to keep costs down since you don’t have to spend money on travel expenses.

Opting for teleconference in your company is to decide to save time for your employees, lower costs and make information readily accessible since you can record your teleconferences. This technology makes it also easier for more people to meet in a fraction of the time it takes to meet physically. This way you will be able to conduct for meetings than before which can be important for your business if you deal directly with customers.

If that’s not enough for you to switch to a teleconference provider today, the consequences of COVID-19 are making teleconferencing even more important. With the current restrictions in place, especially for international travel, it’s more important than ever to use teleconferencing software.

Redback Connect also offers web conferencing and video conferencing software which makes it even easier to work remotely with your team.

Tips for better teleconferencing

In our experience, teleconferencing can improve collaboration and teamwork. Nevertheless, there are few annoying things that everyone does that can make it harder to participate in a teleconference.

We know that everyone is busy. That’s why it can happen to be interrupted during a teleconference and receive another important call. The think to do in this scenario is to mute your line to avoid interrupting the teleconference, remove the “call waiting” function from your phone and leave the conference if the call is urgent. This way you will avoid annoying all attendees.

Avoid switching between mute and unmute in a Q&A situation since this can be annoying for all users. The timing between asking a question and receiving an answer should not be delayed by using the mute function. Instead, try to have the teleconference provider handle the Q&A. You can also send detailed instructions to all attendees to explain the protocol clearly. Try to combine your teleconference with a web conference so that people can use the chat function to interact.

To make your teleconference more seamless, try to ensure that the entry/exit tones are disabled to allow for an uninterrupted experience. There is nothing more annoying than starting a teleconference and having the joining tone beeping at you while talking.

What is the teleconference etiquette ?

Like any other meeting, there are a few rules to respect when attending a teleconference. The goal of a teleconference like a physical meeting is to discuss and exchange information about a topic. You need to make sure that you stay on subject and that you use everybody’s time efficiently.

In a meeting you want to add value. It is therefore important to define your meeting thanks to a clear agenda. You can share it before the start of the meeting to make the discussion points beforehand. The agenda will also help to respect another important rule: start and finish on time. Respecting others time is important if you want to keep the attention of all attendees during the conference.

Since teleconference is run over the phone, the audio is crucial for the quality of the conference. Try to use the adequate equipment like proper headphones or a microphone to eliminate background noise. Disturbing background noise can make it harder for attendees to concentrate and hear you. It is also better to be in a space that is not too loud.

In order for everyone to remember the meeting and take information, it is advised to record the teleconference. This will also help you save time since you don’t have to wright minutes of the meeting.

Don’t forget to mute your mic when you are not speaking. This will help make the conference experience better for all. There is nothing more annoying than listening to the horrible feedback sound coming from others. Always introduce yourself before speaking, this will make it easier for everyone to understand the context of your talk.

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