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We are also proud of the Live Event Streaming services that we provide to help Australian organisations connect, communicate and collaborate.

Reach a much wider audience

Make your physical events more accessible, engaging and exciting. Not only do you completely remove geographical boundaries, but you provide additional value to your physical attendees by offering on-demand content.

Access a wider pool of speakers

Chances are, your presenters are hot property and really time-poor. Live Streaming allows you to access speakers from anywhere in the world. Say goodbye to 24 hours flights and expensive hotels.

Increase sponsorship opportunities

Streaming your event via the Redback platform means that your sponsors can play videos, upload resources and promote their services for up to 12 months, as opposed to one day.

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Ever wanted to remove geographical boundaries at your physical events? Wouldn’t it be great if the content from your conference sessions and events could live on?

Live Streaming technology makes this all possible. If you’re looking to maximise event revenue and add possible additional revenue streams, get in touch.