The Power of Video Conferencing and the Visual Difference

By Sara Drury

Video conferencing often plays a key role in successful company collaboration, but sometimes it’s easy for it to fall into the ‘too hard basket.’

However, complicated and expensive video conferencing hardware is now becoming a thing of the past—say hello to the future: video-as-a-service! It’s hosted in the cloud, it’s easy-to-use and interactive meeting rooms contain loads of features.

Here are just a few of the highlights:

Anyone can host

Rather than limiting the service to a few select hosts, you can allow anyone in your organisation to have their own meeting room. This creates unlimited meeting spaces, allowing your entire organisation to experience the benefits of visual collaboration instantly.

Speed and flexibility

Reach any worker, in any location, on any device and over any network. There’s no infrastructure to buy or manage so deployment isn’t an issue. There’s no need to get your IT team involved!

Won’t break the bank

Expensive video conferencing units are now a thing of the past—you can now access enterprise features at consumer rates. No more exceeding the budget and missing deployment deadline.

Helps across all areas of business

Video conferencing has a million and one uses. In a recent survey conducted by Cisco, 92% of sales professionals believed that video collaboration would help them do their job better.

Whether it’s your CEO interacting with staff, the engineering department streamlining production, or even HR finding better talent; fast and easy video conferencing helps to improve productivity and create a more collaborative business culture.

Easily customisable

All meeting rooms have standard or customised views which allow different meeting types to use specific functions depending on what they need. This includes desktop sharing, rebranding, multi-camera support and loads more.


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