The Revolution in Virtual Meetings is here with One Touch Collaboration

By Sara Drury

During your teleconferences, how often have you been interrupted with annoying entry/exit tones? Or had to stop and ask who just joined? How many times have you sat around as the host waiting for other people to join the call? How about that guy that put his phone on hold and is now blissfully unaware that his music on hold is blaring into your teleconference? Or the dog that won’t stop barking in the background.

Have you ever done that last minute scramble looking up dial in phone numbers and 12-digit pass codes? Good luck if you ever tried to join a teleconference using a mobile phone. Jumping from screen to screen or frantically writing down that PIN code you are going to need.

Now we also juggle sharing our desktops with team members. Sending out invitations with links to this site, phone numbers to that site. It is a lot of work these days just to hop on a call and meet with your team.

Redback Connect is proud to announce a better way. A way to get rid of all that stress. A way to bring productivity and results back into your meetings. We call it One Touch Collaboration and here is how it works:

Integrated with Microsoft Outlook you simply select the One Touch meeting template. Outlook creates your meeting invitation with a link that brings your participants directly into your meeting. Their phones ring (no codes or dial in numbers) and they are immediately placed into your teleconference. At the same time, their computer screen changes and they can see who is in the call. You can also share anything on your computer with your audience and they do not need any special software or plug ins. If they join using their LinkedIn profiles, it will even display their picture and provide a link to their LinkedIn profiles.

As the meeting host, you never have to join first and wait for your participants. We send you a notification when people join, let you know who has joined and will bring you into the teleconference and onto the web conference with a single click of a button when you want to come in.

I know, you are a visual person. You prefer to meet with video. Not a problem. One Touch connects everyone to any video enabled end point, from PC to Board Room units to mobile devices. Mix people on the phone in audio only mode with people on video and throw in real time desk top sharing into the mix as well. It all works seamlessly with one touch. The best thing about this is that our High Definition Video Conferencing platform is built on the industry leader – Polycom. It provides the best infrastructure and technology available and integrates seamlessly with your own internal Polycom deployment. Again, all with no special software or plugins for your Participants.

You can record any meeting capturing all audio, web and video in one file. The recording is available within minutes after your call. Of course, full usage reports are available to you, updated daily and broken down by end user, by department and by cost centre.

Naturally, because quality and service are the most important things at Redback Connect, our live Operators are always available to provide whatever assistance is required.

We are launching the most sophisticated and convenient conferencing collaboration service available anywhere. And here’s the best part – it is a Premium service WITHOUT a Premium price. You get all three services – teleconferencing, web conferencing and Polycom Video Conferencing all for the same low price that you are paying for your current teleconferencing service! Better yet, there is no monthly minimums, no recurring licensing fees and no term contract! We earn your business with ever call you make.

If you are already a Redback customer there is nothing you need to do. Simply log into your Account Management Portal (Click Here), download our Outlook Plugin or access our Automated Dial Out service and you are good to go. All of this is available to you an no extra cost over your current Redback teleconferencing service.

If you are not a Redback customer and would like to try the service for 3 months for free please click here

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