Tips on presenting from a studio

By Jerusha Shah

Let’s be honest, presenting in front of a live audience under any circumstances can be daunting. This stands true even in a virtual context when you are alone in a room without a physical audience.

Now, delivering presentations online from a studio has become a widespread practice for a lot of us. So the next time you’re in a studio, how will you keep the audience engrossed and shine through the online sphere? It’s easier than you might think, here are some tips on presenting from a studio that will set you up for success.


A little bit of planning goes a long way

The key to an effective presentation is preparation. Something as simple as hosting an online session to map out your digital event will be key for your presenters to feel confident and relaxed.

Once your speakers are locked in, try hosting a simple call to connect them to the host or moderator. On this call, you want to provide a high-level overview of the content, technology, platform, and features. Use this time to provide clarity to your presenters and address any questions they may have.

It’s also a good opportunity to go through the agenda, develop a run sheet, and remind presenters about the duration of the event.

For complex events, a dry run using all the elements you plan to use in the live event is essential.

Tip: Download our WIP Webinar Planning Spreadsheet


Stage for impact

Unlike remote webinars, there are several impactful ways you can film your webinar in a studio. One of the main advantages is that you can customise the stage to reflect your brand, messaging, and theme.

Depending on the style and format of your studio event, there are various ways you can set up the look of your webinar. For panel-style discussions and debates we often recommend presenters are seated at a desk, while for more intimate, informal discussions, or one-on-one Q&A-style presentations, a lounge-type setting may be better suited.


Change up your background

Once your event is underway in the studio, use simple methods such as on-screen visuals and diversifying your background to reflect your branding.

When you host a webinar from one of Redback’s broadcasting studio’s you get the option of either a green screen or black drapes background.

Creating a professional look and feel by using a green screen for your background is a great way to strengthen your brand.

A green screen is a visual effects technique common in digital film-making where two images or video streams are layered together, enabling you to replace the green wall behind your presenters with a background that reflects the positioning, location, logo, or colours of your brand.

Beyond using a static image, you can use a motion graphic or video. If you go with this option, consider your theme and make sure the background doesn’t distract the viewer from the main presentation or content.

If you are using black drapes instead, experiment with different setup options. Try using different props that go with the vibe of the event. Placing books, mugs, or even plants on a coffee table or in a backdrop will liven up the screen.

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You’re only human

The saying goes “Practice makes perfect” and they’re not wrong. If you are new to virtual presentations, studying useful tips and tricks is a great way to get started. Let your intent to learn to be placed above the desire to deliver perfectly. Passion beats technique.

Year after year we find Passion is the number one thing audience members want to see in their presenters. The exuberant nature of the presenter and speaker can help bring the content to life. If you make a mistake, address it – you’re human it happens, and move on. Virtual events involve a lot of technology, therefore the more human you come across, the more likely you are to resonate with your audience and emulate the feeling of an in-person event.


Express Yourself

Remember, video is a visual medium so be expressive!

Maintain positive body language and remember to smile. Being mindful of the trivial things can make both your fellow presenters and viewers more engaged.

Dress colorfully, but remember if you’re using a green screen background, don’t wear green! Do wear a piece of clothing onto which a microphone can easily be clipped.

Keep an upright posture, if you are someone who unconsciously slouches, mentally remind yourself to maintain composure.

Remember to make eye contact with your speaker(s) and moderator as well as your virtual audience. Too much of one and not enough of the other can prevent you from forming a connection with either!

Most of all, just be yourself — the more relaxed you are, the more relaxed and comfortable your audience and guests will be.


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