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UGL Success Story

Teleconferencing and Web Conferencing

Jonathan Hudson, ICT Service Development Manager

UGL Case Study

UGL uses Redback Connect teleconferencing


You had been using Teleconferencing, why make the switch to Redback?

Teleconferencing has always been a great way for us to communicate. However, we were looking at implementing Video Conferencing and were in the process of reviewing our vendors. When Redback contacted me it was perfect timing.

What proved to be the main benefits of switching?

The biggest benefit has definitely been the cost. We’re now receiving a fully supported service and saving at least 50% each month. We also have a great relationship with Redback. They’re across our entire business and have always been easy to work with.

You had over 300 users to transition to Redback – How was this managed?

This was all managed through our Asset Management Team and was a very straightforward process. Through the on-boarding phase we found that we had a lot of employees who were sharing conferencing codes. It was therefore important that we had a seamless experience for all involved. Redback’s process to switch everyone across was simple. From the communication to the training – it was all very easy.

How do you manage all users across the business?

We have to bill for every project we work on, it’s the nature of our business. Redback worked with us to customise our fields and cost centres during the initial setup so everything is broken down at the end of the month. It helps us assign our costs to specific projects and ensures nothing is ever missed.

Final Words…

Everything from the on-boarding process to the cost savings and support has been great. Our Account Manager is always on top of things and I really can’t speak highly enough of the team.