Continue to acquire, nurture and grow your webinar audience – say hello to VoD

Maximise your Return On Investment

with on-demand video

Let’s face it, we’re all time poor. It’s for this reason that more and more audiences are choosing to watch and engage in content at a time that’s convenient to them. Our Video On Demand (VoD) Platform is completely customisable and designed to extend the life of your content, meaning your webinar viewers can access your events long after when they were held.

It’s about focussing more on engagement, and less on live viewers.

Create digestible content: How are you measuring the success of your webinars? What if you could continue to generate leads and educate online well after your Digital Event has taken place?


The live delivery of your webinar is only the beginning. Here at Redback, we understand the importance of engaging your audiences before, during and after. Hosting your videos on your own VoD channel means you can continue maximise your ROI and report on the success of your program. Still have questions? We have the answers:


How long after my live webinar can my attendees watch the recorded version?
Our archive turnaround time is 4 hours. Meaning everyone who registered for your webinar will be able to watch it on VoD by using the same link as the live event.


If I host my webinars on my own VoD channel, will my attendees be able to still be able to ask questions?
Absolutely. All on-demand viewers will have full access to interactive features, we just make sure all questions are sent to an email address of your choice.

Can I brand my own VoD channel?
Yes, your channel is completely customisable! Your logo, your presenter headshots and your content all available on one channel.


Can I continue to collect registrations on my VoD channel?
Yes, and we encourage it! You can promote your VoD channel as far and wide as you please. You can place a registration form in front of your webinars (meaning people need to enter their details) or have it open so anyone can view.


What about reporting? How do I know who is watching?
Included with your own VoD channel is access to our Account Management Portal (AMP). Your unique login will allow you to view registrations, attendees, entry time, exit time, chat transcripts and so much more.


Can I charge for my events?
Yes, we can collect payments on your behalf and have the fee go directly into your bank account. Get in touch for more information.

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