Virtual AGMs: Where are your speakers? 

By redback

Once you know who will be speaking at your virtual AGM, it’s important to provide them with all the available presenter options so they can communicate most effectively with shareholders and investors.

Virtual AGMs will typically have a moderator or Chair to facilitate proceedings, including laying out the agenda, explaining how the meeting will be conducted, introducing your executive presenters, facilitating live voting or the Q&A, and keeping your virtual AGM on track.

In addition, your executive presenters will usually address the AGM on particular topics or issues, as opposed to running the event.

There are three main presenting options for your moderator and executive speakers when it comes to virtual and hybrid AGMs: presenting from a studio, physically presenting from an office or external venue and live-streaming it, and presenting remotely — either over a broadband connection or by phone.


Studio presentations

Studio presentations provide the security of a stable video feed with additional technical controls.

Broadband redundancy is usually built in, removing the risk of technical delays for in-studio speakers.

With a managed virtual AGM service provider, in-studio presentations offer the option of having your technology provider manage the Q&A and voting functions, leaving your speakers to focus on content delivery. This is particularly useful when executives are unused to addressing a large, virtual audience.

Presenting from a studio also enables you to customise staging for the event. For example, would your speakers like to present from a lectern or a desk?

You may also be able to use a green screen background for a highly professional visual backdrop that reflects your corporate branding.

If presenting from a studio, talk with your technology provider about how they have changed the way they work to ensure the safety of presenters since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Live-streamed physical presentations

When filming from an office or external venue location, consider how the event will be staged, as well as how to comply with social distancing during the live-filmed event.

If shareholders, executives or employees are able to attend, talk with your venue representatives about how to manage the face-to-face registration process in a COVID-safe way.

If you’ll be filming at a number of locations, ask your videographer, venue event team or hybrid event supplier how to manage switching between them during your live stream, if required.

This is common when an AGM is moderated from one location, perhaps with a limited face-to-face audience, and speakers address the live and the virtual shareholder audience via the live streamed event.

You may also need to consider how to manage live and online voting, comments and questions. Ask your virtual event or studio provider what they recommend.


Remote presentations

Finally, the most common option: remote presenting.

Presenting remotely at a virtual AGM carries a few additional considerations than simply addressing a regular online meeting.

For a professional look, remote presenters may need help setting up their streaming space. They will need to present from a quiet, well-lit, uncluttered location free from unexpected interruptions.

You may wish to supply them with a microphone, webcam and even a ring light to ensure a better video and audio feed — otherwise they may use headphones and their laptop camera.

If using their laptop camera, they should elevate it to eye level for a more professional shot. If a presenter’s broadband connection is unreliable or they are uncomfortable on camera, consider an audio presentation with slides.

It’s worth connecting directly to the modem if your presenter is speaking from a remote home location with variable broadband speed.

However, phone audio via a teleconferencing platform provides a very stable audio feed and can be a great back-up, particularly if speakers are in regional or remote locations.

Ask your event provider what they can offer, as well as how they support both speakers and attendees for a risk-free virtual or hybrid AGM.


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