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We’re an Australian organisation dedicated to helping the way that you meet, present and collaborate at a distance. We help deploy the latest collaboration and digital events to thousands of Australian businesses all while delivering an unmatched level of support, ease of use and peace of mind.

We bring the leading edge of technology to our customers with an unmatched dedication to customer satisfaction.

What is web conferencing ?

A web conference is a type of conference or meeting in which participants in distant locations are able to communicate with each other by logging into a website or using a platform or software. A web conference is usually possible thanks to a dedicated web conferencing software which provides businesses or individuals a mean to hold virtual meetings. Web conferencing enables remote meetings based on VoIP, online video, instant messaging, file sharing, and screen sharing. The features offered with your web conferencing software depends on your provider.

Web conference can enable you to organise the following virtual events: webinars, conference calls, video meetings, customer support, sales processes.

Why should you use web conferencing ?

Web conferencing software helps you collaborate and work in a complete new way. Using a web conference helps you transition your meetings online which allows meeting participants to get together virtually whenever and wherever. This can greatly improve the efficiencies inside your team, especially when dealing with remote teams. Thanks to web conferencing, your team will focus on their most valuable work and not spend time planning physical meetings or even business trips which costs a lot. When organised efficiently, web conferences can be conducted more frequently which increases the communication amongst your team.

Some of physical meetings are organised in a way that it not focused for the meeting topic at hand. This causes inefficiencies since some attendees do not add value to the meeting. Web conferences helps you control and target the people you talk to and have a focused approach to your meetings.

Web conferencing helps teams to be more efficient by using dedicated features such as screen or file sharing. When in the meeting, you will be able to improve your communication and your collaboration by sharing documents and information directly.

Web conferencing is usually less expensive than HD video conferencing solutions since web conferencing is usually enabled through the public internet. This means that web conferencing can have lower video and audio quality compared to HD video conferencing but it usually very effective for day-to-day business communication.

What are common web conference features ?

Depending on your needs you can either have a web conference over the phone (teleconference) or via video (video conference). This will ultimately decide what features you can have. When choosing your web conference tool or provider, you should be careful about the audio and video quality that you can have. Discuss the bandwidth you will be able to access with your provider.

Screen sharing is a important but standard feature that will be important to improve your team collaboration. Your web conferencing provider should make it dead easy for users to join and create meetings. Standard functionalities like mute, turn camera on or off should be proposed by the provider. Some web conferencing providers make it also easier to collaborate and get feedback from your colleagues such as live chat, audience polling, Q&A.

Be mindful of the level of security your provider offers you when using his software or platform. Some providers like Zoom had security issues in the past which can be a problem if you are dealing with sensitive topics and sensitive attendees. You don’t want the email addresses you worked to collect, to get stolen. Security features include user authentication, permissions, and confidential attendee lists. Ask your web conference provider for details.

For your team to collaborate at it’s best, mobility can be an important factor. Some web conference providers have dedicated apps or products that make it easier to collaborate on the go. Ask your web conferencing provider if participating on tablet or mobile is possible. In order to save you time when processing your meetings, some web conferencing providers can allow you to record meetings. You don’t need to waste time with meeting minutes anymore.

What are the main web conference providers ?

The market for web conference is full of different actors. You can choose from a range of providers offering free personal tools (Skype, Google Meet, Google Hangout) to providers offering freemium packages to businesses (Zoom, Join.me). Free web conferencing providers are great because they allow you to start cheap and fast but this can come to the price of lower video/audio quality, fewer features, and restrictions on the size of meetings.

If you wish to start using web conferencing tools to increase the performance of your team, we advise you to choose a paid provider which will ensure a higher level of quality. This includes companies like Webex, GoToMeeting , RingCentral and Redback Connect.

What are other solutions for your team collaboration ?

With web conferencing solutions, Redback Connect offers Teleconferencing and Video Conferencing solutions. Teleconferences are a perfect way to increase collaboration in your company for smaller size meetings. Teleconferences are typically meetings held over the phone like a standard 1 to 1 physical meeting. Video conferencing uses the advantages of video to increase the efficiency of standard teleconferences. Video conferencing is the closest digital form of a physical meeting. You can combine the advantages of digital meetings (lower costs, higher collaboration, focus) with the advantages of physical meetings (visual connection, clear communication, body language).

Why use a web conference host like Redback Connect ?

Web conferences, especially in the case of a webinar or a webcast, can take time to handle when you are dealing with the all process alone. From invitations and pre-planning to the event and post-conference follow up, the entire process for a successful web conference can be long. Using a professional web conferencing host like Redback Connect helps you create better digital events while saving previous time. Redback Connect can help you handle a web conference from A to Z with dedicated project managers and technical support. With Redback Connect, you can organise web conferences that will take you to another level with our state-of-the-art webinar studios. We have different webinar studio sizes to accommodate 4 presenters so you can organise professional panels.

Our web conferencing experts can help you handle registration and set-up details and optimise your assets according to their experience in the field. In case of technical issues, our technical team can solve problems quickly and make the best of your web conference.

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