Webinar Hacks 2020

By Jerusha Shah

Overview of the webinar hacks 2020 video


This webinar is part of our Business Skills series in which we deliver business-oriented webinars. We aim to create informing, educating and inspiring webinars to improve your business skills. This webinar is presented by Sara, an expert in webinar marketing, and Daniel from our team here at Redback Connect.


The goal of this webinar is to give you some hacks to make your life easier when creating a webinar. This webinar aims to discuss engagement, data and time saving hacks for your webinar creation. If you don’t have the time to read through all the content, access the subtopics here:



Webinar Engagement Hacks


Webinar engagement is crucial if you want to keep your audience during the time of your webinar. Engagement is not just interactivity with your audience when they are online during the webinar but also before and after the event. You want to make sure that people come back to other webinars you might create. This is especially important when creating a webinar series.


One hack that we can give is to keep intros and bios as short as possible. You can use the waiting time before the event to display an intro slide of your presenter with some information, a headshot and a small bio. If you have webinar sponsors, you can also use this waiting time to display some videos about your sponsor.


LinkedIn links to the presenter’s page on the registration is also a good way to inform prior to the actual webinar. You need to be aware that attendees are here for your webinar topic and their online attention span is really small. The more you get them into the webinar quickly the better chance to get them on board.


Once the webinar is over, you can cleverly use thank you emails. Try to send those type of emails maximum within 48 hours to maximise the impact. Strike while the iron is hot. Think about a clear CTA on this email to get people to watch the webinar if they haven’t.


The goal of your webinar is also to create an online community and this kind of emails can help to do just that. You can also think of including your webinar slides in this email so that people can get all the information. Thank you emails are just a great way to do marketing and continue the conversation with your audience.


Webinar Reporting and Data Hacks


The next part of the webinar is the reporting and data hacks. Data coming from your audience during the webinar is valuable and you should use it to feed your marketing. First, you can look at the data from your registration page.


When you launch this page you have ongoing data coming in and you can start tweaking the page to adjust what you see during the process. Look at the registration conversion and see what’s driving the conversion or not. Redback Connect has started to have a different banner for every single event which makes every event different from the other.


Your registration page needs to be snappy, catchy with all necessary information like time and date is and where the event will be held. Think about a catchy subject title for your webinar which will capture the audiences’ attention.


Look at your registration fields and how much information you are asking the participants to give away for the webinar. The best practice here is to ask for three information usually name, surname and email address.


Webinars are a great way to get feedback from a topic in order to create another topic from this feedback. If you are using the Redback Connect webinar platform, you can use the Q&A and chat function to collect feedback throughout the webinar.


If you see a pattern in the questions you get from your audience, you can easily draw a webinar topic from those. You can also get feedback from your all webinar registration process and get better for the next one.


Webinars can also be used to get surveys or polls out to your audience while they are engaged in your webinar. The response rate will be far greater than if you send a survey via email. You can also ask why and from where they are joining from to gain more data from your audience. To ask for feedback from your audience will also help attendees to feel more engaged.


Webinar Time Saving Hacks


The other topic in this webinar is to give you some time saving hacks. Being more efficient is sometimes using your content that works into another format. Think about recording your webinar audio and using it for a new podcast series. Each audience can digest content in another way.


A podcast can be an effective way to deliver content to a different audience. You can also recycle your webinar in creating a dedicated blog post. This is a great way to work on your SEO and get more people to find you webinar but also to get people to your website which can be a good thing for your lead generation efforts.


We hope that these hacks will help you for your next webinar. If you have any questions regarding this content or about webinars in general, don’t hesitate to contact the Redback Connect team –
1800 733 416


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