What’s a Managed Webinar Service and why do you need it?

By redback

These days, we’re all pretty familiar with webinars – the benefits, and their pros and cons.

But when it comes to launching an online program – where do you even begin?

Managed Webinar service providers offer an end-to-end service and help you run your series from concept to completion.

And while they can be the more expensive option compared to a DIY model, their benefits are aplenty – here’s an overview of what they offer.


What does a Managed Webinar solution offer?

Essentially, your event manager will look after all aspects of your program once you confirm your presenters, topic and time and date.

Once you have this confirmed, they will take care of:


Presenter Training: They will reach out to your various speakers and moderators and arrange online training sessions. During these sessions, they will cover the features available within the platform, as well as tips and tricks to get the most out of your online audience.


Registration Workflow: Once you have confirmed your topic overview, your event manager will create an online workflow which will allow your audience to register. They will create branded landing pages containing registration fields, branded confirmation emails including add to calendar links and joining instructions, and reminder emails.

You may also opt for an email invitation template or post-webinar recording email. All of these assets can be completely customised to ensure they are in line with your marketing brand guidelines.

Watch a video on the optimum registration workflow here


Regular updates and check-ins: Once your webinar invitation has been sent, it can be easy to forget about your event and move on. Your event manager will regularly keep in touch to ensure you get the most from your event.

This may include reporting on registrations, advice on updating your landing page to increase conversions, or insights on how to create the best production possible. It’s their job to make you look good.


Game Day: You’ve done all the hard work, you’ve managed to acquire hundreds of registrations, and the big day is here. But don’t stress – your event manager will ensure everything goes off without a hitch.

Working with a managed provider means you will have support online throughout your entire event. Your Technical Producer will be in constant communication with speakers should any issues arise, and will also monitor audio levels and video quality. It also means you can sit back and enjoy all your hard work come to life


Post Webinar Reporting and Insights: Once your webinar is over, you will receive all reporting relating to your event – including attendees, questions submitted, polling results, and anything else relevant. The best part? You can discuss these results with your event manager and benchmark against industry averages and tweak for your next event.


On demand Strategy: Your content has the potential to live on way beyond your live event. Your event manager can help you edit your recording so you can host it on a range of different sites. You can read more on maximising your on demand content here.

As you can see, Managed Webinar providers can definitely help remove the burden and allow you to focus on your content and strategy. For more information on Redback Managed Webinars, take a look at our solutions here.

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